On your bike! Cycling sunglasses are not all about fashion but are an essential item for riders throughout the year. So what shades do real-life female cyclists recommended? We asked our community of real women for their top picks.

Aside from doing the obvious, and arguably most important job of protecting your eyes from the harmful rays from the sun, cycling sunglasses can also keep out debris from the road, protect from the wind and keep out any bugs that might fly into your face as you are whizzing down that hill.

Spiuk SKALA69.90Coaches Recommendation

“Not a brand I would have looked at before but the SKALA glasses are great. They fit my face really well – I have quite a narrow face and sometimes struggle for cycling glasses that fit close to the face. They are super-lightweight and also have small vents in the lenses that allows airflow so they don’t steam up!” Claire Steels GRTW Cycling Coach and Pro Cyclist

With a nod to 90’s style, the SKALA feature a wrap-around design with shatter-proof lenses, anti-fog and water repellent treatment as well as the all important 100% UV protection.

Rudy Project Rydon from £100

“Very comfortable when on for a long time under a helmet, they have bendy nose clips and arms for a perfect fit, even for my small head! I was able to get them made up with my normal glasses prescription too.” Carolyn Baillie

Thanks to all the adjustable elements, the Rydon’s boast a total comfort fit with a quick change system that allows you to choose the size and typeof lenses that best suit you.

Oakely EVZeros £143

“I love these because they are really light on my face but provide full uninterrupted coverage meaning you actually forget you’re wearing them and your peripheral vision isn’t hindered by the frame. They have the oakley prize technology which I find makes everything seem sharper without altering the colours. They make potholes in the road much easier to spot!” Becca Burns

Oakley was the go-to brand of choice for many of the female athletes we asked, because well, as one said “they are Oakleys!”. The EVZeros feature a lightweight and comfortable frame with lenses designed to enhance colour, contrast and detail.

BBB Commander £69.95

“These glasses give great coverage, fit well with my helmet and come with 3 changeable lenses for varying conditions.” Carys Brimble

The Commander features a unique 3 step-length adjustment system that allows for optimal comfort and fit. Super light, these glasses have 100% UV protection and an adjustable nose piece. Designed to make you feel like the Commander of the road!

Bolle Chronoshield £200

“I love these! You can wear in the dark and wear in the sun and still see. They’re amazing and you don’t have to change the lenses.” Jacqui van Bemmel

At the top end of the budget, Bolle’s sunnies feature photochromic lenses providing optimal clarity whatever the environment you are cycling in. With anti-scratch treatment and an adjustable nosepiece, these glasses focus on performance and are also available in your prescription.

Tifosi Crit £49.99

“I love how the Tifosi glasses fit with adjustable nose pieces and interchangeable lenses. They also have light changing lenses with the added bonus that these are some cool looking glasses!” Anna Petrovna Shveshkeyev

Good value option, the Tifosi Crit glasses come in two fit options with adjustability in both the nosepiece and on the arms. Featuring photochromatic lenses that change quick fast on the ride, this lightweight pair are great whatever the weather.

Now you know what sunglasses come out as top of the list to help you see well while cycling AND look good, check out our blog from Girls Run the World triathlon coach Fran as she shares four tips for improving your cycling.

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