Four Ways to Stay Focused and Motivated

With shorter daylight hours, colder weather and no races, lockdown 2.0 is different from the first. Read our guide on how to stay fit, focused and kickass during lockdown and beyond

Photo by Grant Ritchie on Unsplash

Progressing and working towards a goal that matters is a hugely positive force. It is what helps us to get out of a warm bed to run on a dark morning, that keeps us on a horrible turbo session when our legs are screaming, and which helps us to push into an uncomfortable training zone, when it would be much easier to jog and watch the sun set.

But with no guarantee of any races going ahead this side of Spring 2021 (despite what is being said), how will you stay motivated to train well?

Here’s our four tips for a positive mindset to take you through lockdown training and beyond.

Reflect and Reset

As women, we are always SO busy cramming stuff in, getting up at a ridiculous hour to tick off a swim or a long run. Or biding our time to ask our partners at the right moment, whether he/she can look after the kids on their own so that you can get that long run in.

Use this time to reflect, think about whether the event goal that you always pursue is right for you at this life stage. Is there a shorter distance that you could focus on, which would still give you the motivation of great training and the thrill of competing without the negative stress of never quite ‘fitting everything in,’? Having a new goal may be just the answer.

Get stronger than ever

There has never been a better time to work on your strength and stability. It is at this time of the year, tra that ALL runners and triathletes should focus on strength training, irrespective of lockdown.

If you are a woman aged forties plus, strength training is ESSENTIAL. (for more details see our Peri & Menopause for Athletes course). Without it (even with running and triathlon) you lose muscle mass. Which means that it is harder to stay in race shape, you pick up more injuries, and your hormones go even more awry.

Use this time to pick a strength goal and nail it during lockdown, whether that’s increasing your squat or deadlift, improving your core strength, or learning how to do a pull up.

To help you stay motivated, choose any of our 30 Day Challenge programmes, from building your core to yoga. Or focus on strength specific to your goal with Strength For Endurance.

Train your weakness

Many runners, male and female, carry around a recurring niggle that is never sorted out because of so much training. Now is the time. If you know what the niggle is, ask for our advice about the best online programme to follow to help you FINALLY strengthen, stretch and mobilise and get rid of that niggle once and for all. Check out our online rehab programmes here.

Set an audacious three year goal

Examine your goal setting deeply, if money, time, fear of not being able to do it didn’t get in the way, what is your biggest goal? To do an Ironman, to do an off-road ultra, to run a marathon?

Pick your wildest goal for three years time (by which time, Covid will certainly have been sorted) and start planning a strategy that will help you progress towards that goal in three years. Give yourself the time and space to plan, to schedule the other fun adventures or tuning events that are so vital in helping you to build the confidence towards such a big goal.

To help you find your inner dream goals, and tips to help you stay motivated during training and for your goals, join our online workshop Reset Mindset 2021 with sports psychologist, Dr Josie Perry from Performance in Mind and GRTW founder, Rachael Woolston. Tuesday December 8th, 7pm-8.15pm.