How to Get a Parkrun PB

Get set to getting a park run personal best when it returns this July with our four tips from the Girls Run the World coaching pros to help you get in tip top form

four tips for smashing your park run PB
Outdoors, green space and great running

Are you excited for Parkrun to make a comeback? Who knew you could miss a Saturday morning 5km quite as much as we have all missed Parkrun? This free 5km running (or walking) Saturday morning event is much loved by many worldwide and for dedicated fans has been something much missed during the pandemic.

‘What we love about Parkrun is that it is open and accessible to all,’ explains Girls Run the World founder, Rachael Woolston, running and triathlon coach. ‘You can use the experience in so many useful ways in your own training.’

So, as we near Parkrun’s imminent return, here’s our tips for having your best park run experience.

Set a Goal

This will help you to understand what you are working towards in training, and give you a pace to work on In your training.

‘Just make sure your goal is realistic in the time frame,’ explains coach, Rachael Woolston. Once you have your target, it helps provide the structure for your training.

To Run Faster, You Need to Run Faster

It sounds obvious but often people forget this simple training fact. Start incorporating speed sessions into your weekly training so that your mind and body gets used to feeling comfortable with feeling uncomfortable.

‘Speed work are often the training sessions you want to ignore,’ explains coach, Rachael Woolston. ‘But they are the ones that feel invincible at the end and will make a difference to your progress.’


Warm up with a 1km run before park run so that your body is ready and raring to go. ‘If you don’t warm up, that first 1km will feel like hell, and you’ll feel like you haven’t run in about ten years,’ says Rachael. ‘Honestly, it will feel so much easier.’ (Try the Girls Run the World Running Warm Up).

Be Confident in your Positioning

Fighting your way through a field of other runners just to make it across the start line consumes energy and will ultimately slow you down, especially if you have to weave through runners who are slower than you.

‘We typically see women standing too far back in races. We are not advocating getting in the way of faster runners, but we are advocating being confident about your ability and speed and standing where you should be,’ says GRTW founder, Rachael.

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