Transform your running tech with one simple tip

Want to avoid injury and improve your running speed and efficiency? Just follow this one simple tip… and it has nothing to do with doing speed sessions! 

how to improve your running technique
If you want to improve your running technique, you can do it with one simple technique that costs nothing and is easy to implement

There is so much written on the internet, discussed on long, boring podcasts and ruminated over in research papers and magazines about running technique. But try this one simple tip and it will transform your running.

The secret? Run silently

Take out your headphones and start tuning into the sound of your feet as they hit the pavement, road or trail. If you can hear them, change it.

Stride so quietly and carefully that you can no longer hear your footfall.

It will be difficult at first and you won’t be able to keep it up. But if you can attempt to do this for 500 metres, start tuning into your body about how this is changing the way that you run.

You will probably notice the following things;

  1. You are taking smaller steps as you try to land quietly.
  2. Being more conscious about how you hit the floor, will mean that you are landing on a different part of your foot, possibly the mid foot.

Why are these two things important? 

  1. Taking smaller steps means that you can’t over-stride. Taking steps which are too big means that you land in front of your body, which causes de-acceleration and creates more damaging force through the joints. 
  2. Landing underneath your hips creates a more efficient running gait and means less contact with the floor = less chance of injury. 

There is lots more we could say about the benefits of landing silently but it’s enough for now to try the technique. Let us know how you get on, either in our Facebook group or tweet us or post to IG and tag us in @G_R_T_W.

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