GRTW Runderlust – the best race travel destinations

Maratona Di Ravenna

Why travel to Ravenna, the Italian province of Emilia Romagna to run a marathon? Because it was once the capital of the Roman Empire and so it contains eight (yes, eight!) world heritage sites, it’s close to the “Adriatic Riviera” and is renowned as a foodie destination. And if you’ve ever been on any of the Girls Run the World Run Away race weekends, you’ll know that we take our food explorations as seriously as our running!

Everywhere you turn in Ravenna, you’ll find 5th and 6th centre mosiacs, including a night sky of 900 glittering stars at the  Mausoleum of Galla Placida.

And the food…?

Emilia-Romagna, has long been appreciated for its culinary delights, think pizzas with thick, fluffy bases at Casa Spadoni and traditional Romagnoli dishes served up in Ca’ de Ven, a 15-century former palace where diners include piadina, the classic Romagna flatbread, being prepared at a your table. But what of the race?

It’s a pretty flat race but a big of a wiggle so probably not great for a PB. But with a Half marathon and a 10k on the same weekend, it’s PERFECT for a Run Away weekend suitable for all levels – or rather, perfect for those who want to explore without having to train loads beforehand.

Eco-Trail Madrid 

From 21km to 80km, there are enough distances on offer on this beautiful, off road race near Madrid to suit a whole group of runners or partners going out to race. We’re telling you something though, looking at the videos of this race, we need to do a female takeover! it’s like races from ten years ago, barely any women on the start line!

A great way to explore Spain off road outside of the heat of summer during the beauty of Autumn. 

Vatellina Wine Trail

Apologies for putting another Italian event in here but this looks so much fun and amazingly beautiful, we couldn’t resist!

Marathon du Medoc gets such a lot of attention but this looks much more beautiful, more chilled out and the food and wine will be just as amazing, if not better because it won’t be as busy.  

Running through the golden leaves of an Italian vineyard Copyright: Giacomo Meneghello
Now, THIS is a run through vineyards!
Copyright: Giacomo Meneghello

This, in contrast looks and sounds beautiful, situated in the Lombardy region near Lake Como. Easy to get to and best of all, the event is on a Saturday and finishes with Wine Trail Party. Sign us up!