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Two of the Best Mobility Exercises for Runners and Triathletes

Find out what mobility is, why it’s fundamental to your performance and try two exercises from our Move Better Mobility programme for runners and triathletes to help you improve your range of movement Mobility and flexibility are often used interchangeably, but they mean two different things. ‘Mobility refers to joint range of motion while flexibility refers to the length of a muscle,’ explains GRTW founder, Rachael Woolston. ‘When it comes to minimizing injury and improving performance, you need to have the ability to move through the required range of motion for your activity.’ ‘What we always say to our athletes

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3 Signs You Are Training Too Hard

Sometimes the hardest part of any training plan in the lead up to a race, challenge or event is listening to our own bodies and knowing when to take it easy and when to push on. Juggling life, work, training and responsibilities is a fine balancing act and judging when we need to take it easier in training can be a minefield when we want to compete well or complete a session on a training plan. How do we know when we are genuinely doing a bit too much compared with that feeling of ‘kind of want to go for a

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Transform your running tech with one simple tip

Want to avoid injury and improve your running speed and efficiency? Just follow this one simple tip… and it has nothing to do with doing speed sessions!  There is so much written on the internet, discussed on long, boring podcasts and ruminated over in research papers and magazines about running technique. But try this one simple tip and it will transform your running. The secret? Run silently Take out your headphones and start tuning into the sound of your feet as they hit the pavement, road or trail. If you can hear them, change it. Stride so quietly and carefully

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