Two of the Best Mobility Exercises for Runners and Triathletes

Find out what mobility is, why it’s fundamental to your performance and try two exercises from our Move Better Mobility programme for runners and triathletes to help you improve your range of movement

Mobility and flexibility are often used interchangeably, but they mean two different things.

‘Mobility refers to joint range of motion while flexibility refers to the length of a muscle,’ explains GRTW founder, Rachael Woolston. ‘When it comes to minimizing injury and improving performance, you need to have the ability to move through the required range of motion for your activity.’

‘What we always say to our athletes is to firstly, move well, and then move often.’

Here’s two exercises you can try to help undo typical lifestyle or training patterns that impact on your range of movement.

Improve hip mobility

Sit at a desk for hours on end? Tied to a turbo trainer or bike for a weekend? Try This banded hip mobilisation which helps free up the hips while strengthening the glute muscles

Release the feet

Running requires stiffness in the ankles and foot for take off and landing. But you still need to be able to rotate and move through a full range of movement to ensure correct mechanics and to help prevent lower limb niggles and plantar fasciitis.

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