5 Motivation Hacks

Whether you are a seasoned runner or just starting out, it’s often easy to allow your mind to talk you out of running particularly in the world of virtual training. Try these motivation hacks… 

ALWAYS run early

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a mum juggling kids, work and training, a singleton juggling work, or a fifty-plus juggling life, leaving your run or training until ‘later on in the day,’ is almost ALWAYS going to make it hard to stay motivated. Tiredness affects your mojo, so why work up fatigue all day to make it harder.

Roll out of bed before your brain kicks in and get going!

Work to Run Wear

In post Corona virus times, why not do away with office attire entirely and just live in your training gear so you can just run straight out of the door without using ‘having to get dressed in my kit’ as an excuse?

Of course, some of us might be commuting now or/and having to rush to either pick up the kids or to work via a commute. The whole thought of having to schlep in an entire change of wardrobe to work or going home, changing and then heading out is just a no-go.

Nowadays, it’s so easy to wear something that will pass as office attire and all you need to do is to have a sports bra and trainers to hand so that you can run home from work, or at least be changed within 30 seconds when you get home so  you don’t give your brain enough time to self sabotage.

Check out the range of running leggings at www.hipandhealthy.com, which come in a range of great prints which could be teamed with funky pumps or boots and a plain top and jacket. Obviously, if you work in the financial sector then perhaps not so easy to get away with but there are options.

Make it playful 

We hear from so many women that they get out to run and just can’t seem to get past running for two minutes or that it never gets any easier. The trick is to switch up your workouts and don’t think of it as  ‘Oh, I’ve got to run for 10 minutes non-stop.’

It’s more beneficial to your running development to have a mixture of running workouts, such as a long, slow steady run (and long can be whatever that is to you – one mile or ten) a short, sharp run where you try to run 3-5km as fast as you can at the same pace. And then you can also do Fartlek runs, which simply means choosing a landmark – it could be a lamppost or a bin, and sprinting as fast you can to it (warm up first!) and then recover and repeat 10 more times. In between, you can do bodyweight exercises like push ups or step ups on benches, anything to just make it a little bit more interesting.

Relive the Summer of Love

OK, we don’t mean that literally! But why not try listening to music with a 120 beats per minute or higher. Studies have shown that makes exercise seem easier and elevates your mood as you run. Use SongBPM to work out the BPM of your favourite tracks.


Run somewhere new to keep yourself motivated. You will need the time to know you can get a little bit lost but that’s the beauty of off-road running. Take a trail you’ve not done before and you’ll find that keeps you more motivated than anything else. Every run becomes like a mini-travel adventure. Try the mapping app Komoot. 

Girls Run the World also offer one-to-one remote coaching for your goals helping to keep you accountable. Find out more here.