FAQ: V Ultra Alps

Entered our monthly or weekly challenge? Here’s the answers to the most regularly asked questions…

Can I still register after August 1?

Registration remains open until August 10th, so you can sign up for the monthly challenge or the weekly race which takes place between August 10-16th.

Why is this event and training course free?

We are doing this to raise money for Refuge and to increase women’s participation in trail running, along with boosting diversity. As such, we would rather participants shared their experiences with the hashtag #grtwrunhigh #grtwdiversity to inspire others.

Do I have to track elevation?

Monthly – no, you can run completely flat if you would prefer to (although, hills are good for you1).

Weekly – yes, if you are doing the weekly challenge and want to be in with the chance of winning a prize for the most ascent over the week. You must send us an screenshot demonstrating your running elevation if so, as resultsbase does not record this.

Can I cycle?

No, this is a ‘on your feet’ challenge. You may hike – and we would recommend it if you have not done a great deal of running. But you can’t cycle.

How many times can I run to complete my V Alps monthly challenge?

You can complete the 106 miles over several runs/hikes. There is no limit on the number of runs/activities you can do as long as it is completed by August 31st.

How do I record my activity?

To record your activity, you will need to download an activity tracking app that is able to track your distance and time. Popular apps include Strava, Nike Run Club, MapMyRun, and RunKeeper, and are available in the app store on your phone.

How can I find new trail routes?

There are numerous apps that enable you to find, create and navigate off road routes. For this event, we have partnered with the popular app Komoot who have offered a discount code of £8.99 for a free map bundle.

How do I input proof of my activities on ResultsBase?

To track your activities and provide proof of completion you MUST have registered via Results Base for the event (our website registration is for the online training course to accompany the event).

Here you can synch your Strava or Garmin account to automatically upload your activities day by day. Be aware though, if you do more than one activity per day, it will only record the first one of the day. Therefore, it may be easier for you to manually update your results.

How do I manually upload my results to ResultsBase?

Login and click the button, tickets
Click ‘Results’ button
Then, enter results and this box appears. Enter appropriate time and distance and link to your Strava or Garmin activity.
It will then show where you are on our Virtual Alps route at any point in the challenge

Can I participate without a GPS watch?

It is possible to track an activity and upload the GPX file from any tracking system or app. For example, Strava allows the user to record directly from the app and then export the file.

I’m having problems synching my activities or uploading to Results Base. What do I do?

First, read the FAQs that are provided by Results Base here. If your question is not answered, contact them direct info@resultsbase.net and include screenshots and your profile login name.

Do I get a medal at the end?

We believe in sustainability and so we don’t produce medals, particularly as a free challenge. But you may wish to purchase our new Run High event t-shirts which are being created specifically for the event and will go on sale here very soon. These are organic cotton and created using renewable energy.