5 essential tips for racing in bad weather

In an ideal world, we’d be able to run in wind-free, rain-free conditions. But if you’re racing in the northern hemisphere, it’s best to be prepared…

Layer up before the race

Wear layers to the start line, (clothes that you don’t mind throwing away during the race to be collected for charity) so that you stay warm. Then you can take layers off as you warm up.

Think about things that you can unzip, rather than have to take over your head which will be hard as you start running hard.

Arm sleeves

You get some great arm sleeves from cycling brands These can keep your arms warm and you just pull them down if you get too hot. One of our favourite Autumn-Winter essentials. Haven’t got any? Just use some tights and cut the feet off.

Draft !

Taking another tip from the cycling and triathlon world, draft behind other runners if it’s windy. This means tucking in CLOSE behind a runner who is just slightly faster than you or the same speed. Let them take the force of the wind so that you expend less energy.

If you’re doing this correctly, you’ll be tempted to overtake them because you’ll feel they aren’t running fast enough. They are taking the wind for you – if you leave their draft, you’ll realise how much less effort you are expending.

Post race warm clothes

People often focus just on what to do before or during a race. But it is just as vital to think about afterwards. Take off your wet, sweaty top IMMEDIATELY and change into a dry top. If you don’t, you’ll get cold VERY, very quickly. A hat goes down well too.


When it’s cold, wet and windy, all ideas of stretching goes out the window as you just focus on getting warm again. Once you’re warm, make sure you stretch – you’ll need it more because running in high winds and cold weather can cause your running posture to change. It’s more effort, so help your recovery.