3 of the Best Swimming Drills

We all know that drills are important. But which ones are the best to do for triathlon and why?

The Pull

What is it? Swim freestyle with a pull buoy between your thighs.

Why? The pull drill is good as it helps to improve your freestyle stroke by keeping your legs buoyant so you can focus on the front end of your stroke. Particularly good for runners who take up triathlon and have sinking legs!

Video courtesy of MyProCoaching

The Kick

What is it? Kicking, while holding a float at arm’s length.

Why? This drill isolates your legs, enabling you to practice your leg kick. Try to drive from the hip, keeping ankles loose and relaxed. Many people mistakenly assume that you don’t need to kick your legs if you’re doing triathlon. You do; it helps in your balance, as well as forward momentum.


What is it? Swim freestyle, with your fists clenched punching through the water.

Why? This drill teaches you to use your forearms to help both catch correctly and for propulsion though the water.