90 Day Peri & Menopause Athlete Programme

Created for All Levels by Rachael

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Optimise your health, performance and strength in midlife

Get stronger and faster and optimise your health, outlootk and performance in midlife and beyond. 

Learn what's happening in your body, and whether HRT or bioidentical hornones are right for you.

Discover more about functional nutrition and how simple diet changes could help alleviate symptoms of the menopause. We will help you to kickstart a nutrition change.

Find out why you are putting on weight and the NUMBER ONE tool to combat this with ease.

Plus alternative natural supplements to help you optimise your heath and well being. And what to ask for if you decide to use HRT. 


About the course

This programme includes

Connect and share through invite-only membership of the Girls Run the World Peri to Menopause Women's Facebook community.  

Five Stages to transform and optimise your health and performance through understanding and making changes

Stage One What's Going On? 

Understanding what's going on in your mind and body and the HRT approach. 

Stage Two, 14 Day Nutrition Reset for Midlife Women

A gut reboot programme written by a qualified functional nutritionist to help prevent hormonal bloating, improve mood, lose weight and more. 

Stage Three, 14 Day Strength Reboot

Learn the workouts that are right for your life stage, how to do them and keeping consistency. 

Stage Four, Recover YOU 

A final 14 day phase where we take you through lifestyle hacks that can transform your sleep and emotions for the better. 

A full year's access to the Girls Run the World coaching programme with training plans, monthly coaching calls and more. 

On-demand pre-recorded webinars with experts including...
Dr Laila Kaikavoosi, founder of the Online Menopause Centre
How to access the help and support you need from your GP, the difference between synthetic, bioidentical and body identical hormones, your best options, plus tips on handling hormone-related stress incontinence and the merits of testosterone supplementation.  

Siobhan McHenry, GRTW Functional Nutritionist of HealthfulLives
Learn the importance of gut health and the importance of changing your nutrition during midlife to counteract hormone change, weightgain and inflammation, particularly with reference to training as a midlife athlete. 

Dr Vera Martins, Online Menopause Centre, Naturopath and Herbalist

Discover which supplements and herbal remedies could help you balance mood, energy levels and more. 


The programme lasts for 90 days but you will also get access to our platform for a full year, helping you to train smarter and with full support from coaches and the midlife athlete community of GRTW.

About Rachael

Rachael has over fifteen years experience in strength training for women. An Age Group Triathlete for GB and 1st woman V40 Mumbai Marathon, she also has competed in Ironman. She has created weight-lifting and HIIT programmes that transform performance and help women to become stronger and more stable. 

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  • Like many working mums, I find it a challenge fitting in all the triathlon training I need to do. Using this platform, I can always find a relevant workout and know that I will be using my available time to maximum effect.’

    – Rosalyn, celebrity agent

  • Professional and relevant knowledge on running and coaching. Great online training course. Really enthusiastic people. Lovely to join the GRTW community.

    – Jenni, lawyer

90 Day Peri & Menopause Athlete Programme

Created for All Levels by Rachael

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