Postnatal Foundations

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Gain confidence and pelvic control before returning to training

  • Learn to correctly engage the pelvic floor 
  • Build knowledge of how the pelvic floor muscle works
  • Helps prevent the development of urinary incontinence  
  • Guards against injury
  • Aids pelvic stability

About the course

This three part webinar series with women's pelvic health specialist, Gillian McCabe is part one of our postnatal performance series. 

This is not about 'exercising' or workouts, it is the essential foundation work that ALL women should do before they even begin to think about running or training. 

Learn why the pelvic floor muscle is so important and how to retrain it, so that the condition of this essential muscle  is ready to start returning to running and training.

Miss this important foundation level and it may result in long term pelvic floor issues and injury. Whether you had a natural vaginal delivery or a Caeserean this online webinar series is for you. 

If you have suffered perineal tears or nerve damage during childbirth, seek advice from a qualfied professional before doing any further exericise or programmes. 

  • Part 1 - Understanding the pelvic floor 
  • Part 2 - Core techniques using diaphragmatic breathing 
  • Part 3 - Practical foundation exericises 
  • Like many working mums, I find it a challenge fitting in all the triathlon training I need to do. Using this platform, I can always find a relevant workout and know that I will be using my available time to maximum effect.’

    – Rosalyn, celebrity agent

  • Professional and relevant knowledge on running and coaching. Great online training course. Really enthusiastic people. Lovely to join the GRTW community.

    – Jenni, lawyer

Postnatal Foundations

Created for All


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