Calf Rehab

Created for all by Dawn


Strengthen and injury-proof your calf muscles

  • Avoid calf injuries. 
  • Alleviate calf pain.
  • Treat the injury.
  • Return to running.

About the course

Calf injuries can be one of the most frustrating running injuries. 

Although calf injuries can come on as a dramatic tear, they often start as a much smaller niggle or a feeling of tightness. Without proper rehab, these niggles can become a full blown, much more frustrating injury that can take weeks to heal. 

If you reguarly suffer from calf injuries, it is often because of not correctly rehabbing your lower legs. 

This course will help you to alleviate pain from immediate injury and leave you feeling confident about when you are ready to start rehab exercises and when to return to running without fear of recurrence.

If you are over the worst of the injury, or simply want to prevent future injuries, you will be able to follow a clear plan to build strength and stabilty specific to your calf muscles. 

  • Daily, depending on severity.
  • Six weeks. 
  • 10-20 minute sessions. 

About Dawn

As well as over a decade of experience in Physiotherapy, Dawn is also a keen runner and swimmer. Dawn has spent the last six years on the finish line of Brighton Marathon with her team, providing physiotherapy and massage relief to runners. 

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You will need a foam roller. 

  • Like many working mums, I find it a challenge fitting in all the triathlon training I need to do. Using this platform, I can always find a relevant workout and know that I will be using my available time to maximum effect.’

    – Rosalyn, celebrity agent

  • Professional and relevant knowledge on running and coaching. Great online training course. Really enthusiastic people. Lovely to join the GRTW community.

    – Jenni, lawyer

Calf Rehab

Created for all by Dawn


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