GRTW Run Love 10km

Created for all levels by Rachael W


Celebrate Global Running Day with our virtual 10km. June 3.

  • Community.
  • Motivation.
  • Inspiraton. 
  • Win some bling!

About the course

Celebrate #globalrunningday, June 3 2020 with the Girls Run the World Virtual Run Love 10km.

Run 10km for time or for the finish any time on 3 June and use the tag #grtwrunlove to help inspire and connect with others around the world.

We run because we can, because it keeps us fit, balances our mood, makes us feel good and connects us with others. Let's spread the inspiration. 

The best #grtwrunlove image will win some GRTW bling. 

Register to run. 

Run 10km anytime on 3rd June, include the hashtag #grtwrunlove. 

Send us your time by 6pm 4th June to get your time on the GRTW leaderboard for our V series. 

About Rachael W

Rachael has over 19 years experience practising yoga, and over a decade of experience teaching it specifically to runners and athletes from a variety of sporting backgrounds.

Like many runners, she started doing yoga when a running injury forced her out of marathon training. Six months of practise later, and she felt better than she had in years.

Since then, she has gone on to practise across the world, from Brazil to India (where she studied under Madonna's yoga teacher) and Portugal.

She identifies as a runner and triathlete who practises yoga, not a yogi who is a runner or triathlete. And her focus is always on improving the flexibility and mobility of those she teaches. 

Flexibility is for everyone, not just the naturally bendy. 

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  • Like many working mums, I find it a challenge fitting in all the triathlon training I need to do. Using this platform, I can always find a relevant workout and know that I will be using my available time to maximum effect.’

    – Rosalyn, celebrity agent

  • Professional and relevant knowledge on running and coaching. Great online training course. Really enthusiastic people. Lovely to join the GRTW community.

    – Jenni, lawyer

GRTW Run Love 10km

Created for all levels by Rachael W


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