Five Ways to Build Bulletproof Good Habits

When it comes to embracing good training habits, forget willpower or having to ‘stick’ to anything. It’s all about finding your why and hacking your environment to help support positive decision making. Get it right in training and you can translate to life and work performance too

girls Run the World on a mission to take more women to Ironman
Training for an Ironman requires endless positive training habits to reach your end goal

Use the power of technology

Remember those days when you had a training plan written on a piece of paper, only to slowly disintegrate with coffee stains or get lost in the back of drawer? Technology makes it possible to train smarter and helps to bulletproof good training methods.

For instance, when it comes to completing a session on your marathon, ultra or triathlon training plan, set up an email reminder from your Girls Run the World training plan to your mobile phone (Girls Run the World use Training Peaks for 1-2-1 coaching and all our athlete community plans). You can even specify a time, so that you receive it when you typically feel the most motivated.

Or if you really do still like the old school ways, you can always download, print it and stick it to your fridge.

Design hacks for your home

Relying on willpower alone to get a training session done when you’re feeling exhausted and have so many other things to juggle is difficult. (Don’t feel rubbish about that, you’re not alone. All our coaching team feel the same!). Rig your home to encourage healthy behaviour.

For example, if you always find it hard to switch off, buy an alarm clock and leave your phone out of the bedroom so you’re not tempted to scroll all night and then too tired to do you early training session on the turbo.

If you’ve got to get up early for a run, pre-pack everything you might need, including your running shoes so there is nothing that will get in the way of allowing your brain to say, ‘I haven’t got time now I’ve got to find my running socks, at the bottom of the laundry basket.’

Surround yourself with a support network

It’s not just your environment that affects your behaviour but those in it, whether that’s online or real world. Seeing other people doing the things you want to do, help inspires you and holds you accountable. It’s why our 5km training plan, 30 Day Race Shape programme has an 85% success rate when we run one of our virtual campaigns…1800 runners all working towards the same goal over 30 days – that’s one powerful support network.

One step at a time

Consistency is the easiest way to build good habits, and it’s also the essential key to training progress. Don’t look at the end goal of your training plan; to finish an Ironman or run 26.2 miles, think of one training session or week at a time. With each mini-daily goal achieved, you build your confidence and behavioural norm.

Be kind to yourself

Don’t get us wrong, if you’re the kind of person who often gives up on something with the refrain, ‘Oh, it just wasn’t for me,’ or ‘Now is not the right time,’ building healthy habits or sticking to a running programme is never going to work. On the flip-side, being overly critical or harsh is not the way forward either.

Recognise that sometimes, things get in the way in life; that doesn’t mean giving up, it just means recognising that it’s a tiny bump in the road but the trail still continues ahead and you can keep on following that direction, one footstep after the other.

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