GRTW Runderlust – this weekend’s bucket list races

If you love running, travel and food, what better way to explore the world than by cherry-picking up incredible race destinations. Here’s our pick of where we’d love to run this weekend


Enjoy a magical Xmas themed run through the UNESCO world heritage site of the Old Town of Lithuania. Choose from 3k up to 10k and any festive themed outfit.

There is a lot to visit and pack in on this weekend trips; alongside it’s baroque history is the tale of this great city during WW2, which saw over 90% of the Jewish population were murdered.

An incredible city to visit for its history, it’s beautiful old town, lively bars and great food. Long gone are the days when Baltic cuisine was synomonous with stooge, but you should definitely try cepelinai. Filled with ground meat, mushrooms or curd cheese, these potato dumplings are the very definition of comfort food.

Pisa Marathon

What better way to spend a festive weekend than in the Italian city of Pisa. Choose from a marathon or a half marathon, exploring this wonderful city by foot, which has a lot more to warrant a visit than just the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

The route takes in all the big sights of the city, as well as running along the river Arno, where you can while away an afternoon or evening after the race in one of the many beautiful bars along here. As for the food, this is Italy and this city prides itself on fantastic seafood. Try La Scaletta.

The perfect pre-Xmas get away for running and picking up fantastic gifts including Italian food and delicacies.

Tata Steel Kolkata 25k

Kolkata, or Calcutta as it was once known during the British Raj, is a city NOT to be missed. And what better way to explore it than during a half marathon that will take you around the major sights on closed roads.

You may assume that it will be too hot being India but the east coast is much cooler in winter, making the running completely bearable.

There is so much to visit in this incredible city and it’s worth going now because it is changing FAST. And as it does so, much of the amazing colonial and Art Deco architecture of this incredible city is being knocked down and replaced by modern rebuilds.

As for the food, do NOT miss incredible Kathi rolls, part of the street food of Kolkata; watch them make the dough in the morning, and then by lunch time, they’ll roll them out and cook on top of a hot plate with egg, and then fill with spicy paneer or meat, and red onion, spices and chutney. Utterly delicious.