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Black Girls Do Run UK: We’re just trying to be active, healthy and have fun!

Tasha Thompson, 43, from London is the founder of Black Girls Do Run UK. Last year, she set up the online community to inspire black women to run for their health, fitness and mental wellbeing. Tasha started running 21 years ago, she started out in the gym on the treadmills and made the switch to running outdoors and entering races and she hasn’t looked back. We wanted to find out why there aren’t many BAME women running and how we can promote diversity in the running world. Have you noticed an increased number of black females taking part in races?

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Cycling through grief to adventure

Danielle Payton, 27, a teacher from Norfolk discovered cycling after losing her friend, Harry Uzoka to a senseless knife attack in 2018. Here she shares her adventure of cycling across five countries in five days. If someone had told me that at the age of 27, I’d be cycling across five countries in five days with only a spare change of shorts and an old pair of Converse for a change of clothes, having previously worked in high end fashion, I would have laughed. Yet, that is exactly what I decided to do last summer of 2019. Just 11 months

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How to pace others to a Parkrun PB

Alongside the This Girl Can campaign, to get more women to Parkrun this International Women’s Day 2020, we are on a mission to provide some all-female pacing teams. How many times has Parkrun helped you over the years, either to get started running, to achieve a personal best, to help you achieve the final tempo part of a long marathon run or a brick session for triathlon? Whilst Parkrun encourages both inclusivity and participation, it is also a great training method for performance. So, this International Women’s Day come and join Girls Run the World to celebrate, by running in

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