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3 Ways to Boost Your Motivation to Train

We all know that we should be training, but sometimes it can be hard to find the time or the motivation. If you’ve found yourself in a rut here are three easy ways to help you get back out there and reaching your goals. When we are busy all the time with work, child-care and/or caring responsibilities, the hours in the day can dwindle as much as the motivation to train. 3 Tips to Get Motivated to Train: Get enough sleep Making sure we get enough quality sleep is essential for us to keep motivation high, especially when you hit midlife

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5 essential tips for racing in bad weather

In an ideal world, we’d be able to run in wind-free, rain-free conditions. But if you’re racing in the northern hemisphere, it’s best to be prepared… Layer up before the race Wear layers to the start line, (clothes that you don’t mind throwing away during the race to be collected for charity) so that you stay warm. Then you can take layers off as you warm up. Think about things that you can unzip, rather than have to take over your head which will be hard as you start running hard. Arm sleeves You get some great arm sleeves from

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how to run marathon des sables

How To Run Marathon Des Sables

Running Marathon Des Sables, the renowned multi-stage ultra set in the Moroccan desert requires more than just training. Follow these essential tips from Girls Run the World ultra coach, Lucja Leonard Pack light Keep it simple, you’ll need less than you think. Use a spreadsheet to calculate everything that you are taking from food to kit so you can analyse this properly and adjust where necessary. Our MdS training plan and coaching includes a template to help you with this. Running in the sand Use shorter, lighter steps. The sand in the Sahara is soft, particularly in the dunes, so

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cycling gloves

Real Women Review: Top Winter Cycling Gloves

When it comes to winter riding, cycling gloves that keep your hands warm and toasty are an essential piece of kit. One of the most common complaints from cyclists in the winter is that of cold hands. We’re here to help with our pick of the best cycling gloves. Assos ASSOSOIRES Winter Gloves, £70.00 “I swear by my Assos neoprene gloves. They are comfortable, versatile and work a treat for the mostly mild UK winters.” – Becky Goodwin, GRTW Tri Coach The flexible softshell is not only snug and warm it does a brilliant job of preventing cold icy air

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Running streak

I’ve run every day for 3 years due to GRTW Runuary™

When Catherine Walton (50) started running every day as part of GRTW Runuary™ 2020 she had no idea she’d still be running every day over 1,070 (and counting) days later…with no plans to stop Why did you decide to take part in Runuary™ 2020? I had taken part in Runuary before and always found it a great way to kickstart my running for the year. I ran a bit at school and then started again when my sons were toddlers to help me get back in shape, building up from 5k to 10k to half marathons and eventually marathons. It

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10 Christmas Gifts Under £20 for Runners and Triathletes

Secret Santas or little gifts, here’s the Girls Run the World round up of the best stocking fillers for runners and triathletes Absolute Aromas Mobility Epsom Bath Salts, £4.50 For an invigorating treat after a cold, wet, winter run, add some of these soothing salts to a warm bath. Formulated to ease aching muscles, hydrate tired skin and even boost your mood, this is a little pot of recovery goodness without the expensive price tag of a spa visit. Exhale Coffee, from £9 Coffee and training, a match made in heaven. Developed by an ultra runner/triathlete, Exhale coffee is sourced

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How Heavy Lifting Improves Endurance Performance

To get good at running or cycling you need to run and cycle more. The more mileage the better right? Going longer takes stamina and an injury-resistant, strong body that cannot be built by distance alone. Endurance athletes often dismiss the idea of lifting heavy in favour of more miles on the road or strength training that is all low weight and high reps. But lifting heavy can bring performance benefits… Why Should Endurance Athletes do the Heavy Lifting? In order to lift heavy objects, your body needs to recruit muscle fibers. The heavier the load or object, the more

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How to have your best winter running season

The thought of driving rain, wind, and dark mornings can make even the hardiest of us dread the winter running months. But read our five tips to help you overcome the dread and have your best winter ever… Embrace the Season Yes, it is cold, it is more than likely to be raining, there may well be howling winds. But embracing these elements will equip you build mental resilience. And running in the winter gives you the opportunity to see and experience the shift in colours and nature. In fact, being in awe and wonder of the great outdoors can

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Reflective Flipbelt

Ten of the Best Reflective Running Kit

With less daylight hours, learn the beauty of pre-sunrise and night time road and trail running. But make sure you can be seen… Jackets Proviz REFLECT360 Outdoor Jacket, £99.99 Proviz’s REFLECT360 Women’s Outdoor Jacket is waterproof and windproof, with an outer shell that is 100% reflective. Any light from a vehicle, or the torchlight of a passing runner or cyclist will reflect back making you light up the night. Craft Lumen Lightweight Reflective Running Jacket, from £89.66 This Craft reflective running jacket has all-over reflective print for enhanced visibility. It’s better for fast, short tempo runs at night as it

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What Could Possibly Go Wrong During an Ultra?

21 things to think of before you race your next ultra from GRTW ultra-running coach, Lucja Leonard… You’ve done all the training, you’ve prepped your mind but a lot can go wrong on race day. Have you thought of the what ifs? After lots of mini disasters that I’ve either experienced or witnessed at ultras, here’s a non-exhuastive list of things that could, might and possibly will go wrong during an ultra. By thinking about what you can do to either prevent or deal with these issues if and/or when they happen you’ll be better placed mentally to carry on

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