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How to create your own solo running adventure

Races may have disappeared from calendars during the pandemic. But it led to many people creating their own training adventures, including GRTW founder, Rachael Woolston Everyone has heard of bike packing which has exploded in popularity during and since the pandemic. But what about just taking off on your own two feet for a solo running adventure and sleeping wild under the stars? I decided to try fast-packing over the Easter weekend, mapping a route on the Monarch’s Way that would allow me to start from my home. First considerations of course, how could I do it as lightly as

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Ultra runner in exploring trails

Achieving Training Gains Through Adventure

With most races cancelled for 2020 and lockdown wiping out normal training methods, many have used adventures to train. Be inspired and discover the training adaptations gained through adventuring… Shaking your head and thinking that there is no way adventure training can really benefit your performance? Think again. Tour de France cyclist, Jerome Cousin was visiting his girlfriend in Portugal when the country went into lockdown, and all return flights back to his native France were cancelled. Once lockdown was eased, he bike paced with girlfriend on a 1,152km trip across Portugal. He described the experience as ‘total freedom’. Now, if

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