Four Reasons Why Turbo Training is Perfect for Women

Whether you use a gym bike or you have a turbo, here’s why we believe you should hit indoor training during the winter

It will save you time – lots of it!

When you’re busy, fitting in a bike ride outdoors can just add to your stress levels so you end up resenting your training.

That’s why turbo training is so useful; it’s in your home, and all you have to do is jump on it and get your session done. Plus it’s usually more effective in half the time as what you can get done on a wintry outdoor ride. Over the course of a. 70.3 training, it could save you about four hours per week!

Ramp up that power!

Turbo training offers a guaranteed level of intensity that you just don’t get on outdoor rides. Invariably, when cycling outdoors you’ll have road junctions, traffic lights, pot holes and obstacles that will force you to stop and slow down.

On the turbo, there are no distractions to swerve (apart from maybe the people/animals you live with), you are able to just get on with the session knowing you can go all out with interruption. Even more so when doing our members online rides with coach Natalie.

Gain confidence with new skills

Training indoors allows you to focus on cycling drills that will enhance your performance. For instance, single leg cycle drills which reveal any imbalance in your body, or the pull on the up stroke of the pedal. Not sure what we’re talking about? Get booked into our turbo lessons!

You Are Not Alone

As a woman training for triathlon, it often means that we have to do a lot of it alone. Turbo training gives you the perfect opportunity to connect with others.

The Girls Run the World Train Strong Together Programme includes live streamed online turbo sessions with GRTW cycling and triathlon coach Natalie Cresswick, which is included for all paid members.

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