Photo credit Brighton Marathon Weekend
Photo credit: Brighton Marathon Weekend

Girls Run the World help over 11,500 runners achieve their goals at Brighton Marathon

Over the last twenty weeks, Girls Run the World has been delighted to partner with Grounded Events to provide digital training support to their race participants. 

Showcasing the breadth of the female coaching team on our platform and digital training web app, Girls Run the World helped support runners with content in the form of video, blogs and podcasts, alongside live and on-demand streamed training content. 

Our mission at Girls Run the World is to help more women lead healthy, empowered lives through running and triathlon.

Partnering with forward thinking event companies, such as Grounded Events who recognise the value of amplifying the voices of female endurance specialists, is a positive step forward for increasing and attracting more women to running and triathlon. 

Girls Run the World are looking to partner and collaborate with other companies and brands in our two year Participation and Performance Pathway in Triathlon and Trail Running.

We also provide bespoke, white label content for events and brands. 

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