Menopause and Performance: Navigating Hormonal Changes as a Runner or Triathlete

As women hit their forties and beyond, hormone changes during the peri-menopause and menopause can affect our body shape, performance, mind and soul. But there are things that you can do to help support yourself in this

Female athletes can achieve amazing performances in their forties plus, irrespective of going through hormonal changes. this October for World Menopause month we’ll show you how.

In 2019, Joan Benoit Samuelson took on the Boston Marathon 40 years after setting a record of 2:35:15. Her goal was to finish within 40 minutes of her original time.

She succeeded, with a time of 3:05:18 at the age of 61. Samuelson’s dedication to running gives us a fresh perspective when it comes to the effects of age on performance.

Peri-menopause and beyond

Have you started to notice your body is aching more, your recovery is taking longer or perhaps you’re putting on weight?

These hormonal changes can cause us to gain weight easily. We can struggle to build and maintain lean mass, our sleeping patterns can be affected and recovery can take longer.

When navigating the perimenopause and beyond usual nutrition and training don’t have the same effects as they used to. The good news is that regular exercise can help to ease symptoms related to shifting hormones. It’s important to adapt your training, recovery and eating habits to thrive as both a peri-menopausal and menopausal athlete.

Find out how your should change the way you train and what you eat in our online programme Peri and Menopause Performance. An on demand streamed programme over four weeks, you can revisit it as often as you like.

It will cover the following topics and more:

  • Which foods you should be eating to counteract an increase in body fat
  • Recovery strategies for forties plus female athletes for continued wellness
  • How to switch up your workouts for hormone balance & performance

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