GRTW Runderlust: this weekend’s bucket list races from around the world

With a half marathon that also affords a fabulous sunny weekend away in Porto, renowned for port wine, excellent wine bars on rooftops, delicious seafood and slow strolls through cobbled streets what more could you want?

Whether you’re looking for a fast race or simply the chance to explore, the Porto half caters for all, with well regulated start pens – and you can even get a shower at the end.

For more details visit Hyundai Porto Half Marathon . For information about Porto, visit Porto and the North website. 


Ston Wall Marathon

Quite afford to fly to China for the Great Wall of China marathon? Try this version in Croatia where the city walls are 5km in length making them the longest defensive structure in Europe and often referred to as the ‘European Walls of China”.. 

You can choose between the marathon distance of 15km. The route passes beautiful autumnal coloured fields before hitting the wall (and you might!). A testing route up these 14th and 15th century walls which were a defence to protect the lucrative salt pans in the area.

Easy to get to being a bus ride away from Dubrovnik.

For more details visit Ston Wall marathon