Runderlust Marathon Inspiration

Every weekend, we bring you details of some of the most runderlust races around the world 

Mexico City Marathon

If you live in the UK, it can sometimes seem like marathon races all but stop in the summer. But this is when some of the most interesting races begin to happen elsewhere in the world. 

If you’re a true girl that runs the world, and love travelling as much as you love running or triathlon, then here’s some races to whet your appetite. They’re all part of the accredited Association of International Marathons Association, so they’re good races, well organised. 

Fancy somewhere in Europe, why not head to Finland for the Helsinki Marathon where there is also a half, or to Iceland for Reykayjavik Marathon .

But top of our picks for this weekend is the Mexico City Marathon , a fantastic place to visit and the kind of food that is perfect for a post marathon race.