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Meet the GRTW Ambassador Community

Earlier this year we launched our Trailblazers scheme to find women who embody our mission of inspiring and empowering through movement. Meet our first recruits who train and race but most importantly support and motivate each other and you. We believe that running and triathlon has the power to change lives and create positive change. Together, we hope to spread that message … Michelle (Chelle) Carlton, 34 Chelle lives in Southport with her husband Sam (also a runner) and cat Pebbles and credits running with giving her the resilience needed to work as a personal assistant in the ‘crazy world of

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Knee pain explained – and three ways to train your way out of pain

Knee pain can take many women out of action, from beginners to seasoned female athletes. Here’s what causes it and what you can do to prevent – or recover from it…. All too often, we push through knee pain, pushing it away thinking that it will go away or that the pain is just in our head. But when it turns into a persistent, dull nagging ache, sharp pain or even feels like ground glass under the kneecap, you know that the situation is going to need more than just taking ibuprofen.  Here we explain the mechanisms behind knee pain and

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