Author: Sarah Shaw

Ever heard of competitive stranger syndrome?

Thud, thud. Huff, puff, Thud, thud, Grunt. Many of us have experienced it – the unwelcome sound of footsteps gaining on you, then that sideways ‘Beat you!’ glance as they pass. As you resist the urge to proclaim; ‘Hang on buster, I’m on a training run! (or a treadmill!) – this isn’t a race! And by the way, I’ve just run xx sodding miles!’,  you might wonder what has got this guy or gal’s goat. The usual suspect is, more often than not, a relatively new runner or weekend warrior, whose ego is disproportionately tied up with running as fast

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GRTw Runderlust: this weekend’s bucket list races from around the world

Get inspiration for your race list for 2020 and beyond with our pick of this week’s sea-salty bucket races… The Purbeck Running Festival  If you like your coast on the rugged side, head to the Jurassic Coast for The Purbeck Running Festival and soak up the area’s spectacular history and landscapes – not to mention a few erm, big hills.  With over 3,000 foot elevation in the marathon route, this s not for faint-hearted, (if you go for the Ultra distance, you’ll climb over 7000 feet – that’s over 1 ½ times the height of Ben Nevis!) But with views

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5 Ways to Return to Running Fitness Successfully

After the long hazy days of summer with no training structure, it can be tempting to rush back to running and overdo it. STOP! First, read our guide to getting back to race sharpness swiftly, safely and without adding stress to an already busy life. Words & Pictures: Sarah Shaw As we dash around, dusting off our work-life juggling skills, getting kids sorted for school while attempting to relocate our hole-free work tights from the back of drawers, it will hit many of us how much we’ve let our running fitness go. But there’s no need to panic, as the new season is a

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