Create your own at home gym

As increasing numbers of us are forced to work from home or self-isolate, here’s our pick of the best gear to create your own at-home gym for under £50. Join us for our online workouts via Facebook or Instagram stories.

Solo workouts are the new thing! Copyright: Girls Run the World

Suspension Trainers

This is a great piece of kit, which you can use for an all over body workout, both for strength and aerobic workouts. You will need to attach it, whether you insert a metal hoop in a wall or doorframe, or use a tree in the garden. But it is worth it.

Use it for pull ups for building swim strength, pistol squats for single leg power on the bike and run, and INCREDIBLE core work.

They used to be quite pricey but Decathlon now do a version for just £11.99.

Pull Up Bar

We LOVE a pull up bar although, pull ups are NOT easy. But even if you can’t achieve one now, working towards it helps to create incredible lats (thumbs up for swimming and all over body shape) but also a very, strong core.

If you have a sturdy doorframe, a pull up bar can just clip over the top without the need for any drilling or screws. And it then gives you a bar from which to hang a suspension trainer (although be careful, certain movements on the suspension trainer may not be stable).

Try the Opti Multi Pull Up Bar, £19.99, which has different grips which make some of the pull up varieties easier.

Power Bands

We call them power bands because these simple, innocent looking resistance bands are mighty powerful when used in the right way.

Available from Decathlon in a range of weights, from 25kg upwards, you can fix it to railings and sprint against them for resistance sprints, loop it around a pull up bar and under your knee to help give you a bit of a lift, or use it to stretch your hamstrings…the list is endless. We love ’em!

A word of warning, get the right resistance for your body size, although with prices starting from £7.99, you can’t go wrong.

Pilates bands

Smaller, light resistance bands are BRILLIANT for exercises for your glutes and for the smaller shoulder and lat muscles for swimming drills. And they’re super cheap (and don’t clutter up your home). Definitely worth getting a pack. Try Decathlon’s Dyamba Mini Rubber Resistance Bands, £3.99. A longer traditional resistance band used in physios is also useful .

Skipping Rope

If you have not used a skipping rope since school days, you’re missing a trick. Hugely useful for building cardiovascular fitness and for developing plyometric power, replicating the exact same muscle use as running. Skipping workouts can develop your running power, efficiency and technique. And get you pretty damn fit!


Shaped like a ball with a handle, the kettlebell swing creates dynamic, ballistic movements that build strength and power in the hips, work the core, shoulders and pretty much everything in between.

If you only get one piece of at home equipment, choose this. You need to know how to use it though, so follow our YouTube tutorial or get a one to one with a kettlebell instructor to show you how to use it.

We are always asked which weight people should buy. It really depends on your weight and experience. But a safe rule of thumb is to start with an 8kg bell (metal not vinyl or plastic) because there are plenty of one arm/leg exercises that you can do to make you work hard without having to increase your weight. Try Decathlon’s 8k kettelbell for £14.99.

Check out our Performance in 10 Kettlebell Series for Triathlon coming soon to our platform.