NEWS RELEASE – Championing female endurance coaches and experts

Nowadays, there are increasing numbers of women who are entering the world of coaching within running, swim run, and triathlon. Yet their voices and experience are still in the minority. Girls Run the World are set to change this

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Celebrating and empowering women in coaching and the science of endurance

Over the last decade, the number of recreational female athletes participating in endurance events such as marathons, ultra marathons, swim run and triathlon has exploded. And with that, the number of female coaches in these areas is slowly growing.

Yet female coaching voices are still in the minority. And those that are working within the business are rarely heard.

Media outlets often quote male sports scientists and physiotherapists (unless it’s about postnatal or menopausal fitness). And major marathon event companies, from Brighton to London have partnerships with male coaches or companies founded by men.

Don’t get us wrong, we don’t believe either men or women are better at being coaches. Nor do we think women have a different style of coaching.

Every coach has an individual style, particular to them; some are holistic, others have a technical, science and data led approach.

What we do believe in is the incredible talent that is out there within the female coaching market, from sports scientists to nutritionists, psychologists to strength and mobility experts.

Our mission is to champion and empower women within the business of endurance coaching, and in so doing, help more recreational female athletes achieve their goals.

As an online coaching platform for female recreational athletes and coaches, we have created a unique platform business, the first of its kind. Our goal is to support women, supporting women.

If you are a qualified female coach or expert in any of the above areas, and would like to share your coaching knowledge and experience to a female audience, please register your interest here.