How to keep strong and motivated during Covid-19

With events being cancelled and talk of gym closures, it can be easy to lose perspective. Here’s our guide to staying strong, mentally and physically with online training options during the coming weeks and months of uncertainty

Running outdoors can keep you motivated and balanced
Running or cycling outdoors and online training can help to keep you motivated…Copyright: Girls Run the World

Change your target event

From London to Paris, Manchester to Madrid, the big name road races have all been cancelled, along with many Ironman 70.3 races. We’re sure more will follow suit, but that doesn’t mean you have to panic.

We all like to have goals to keep ourselves motivated, and we’ve been working hard with our remote clients across the UK and beyond to choose events, usually small, locally managed type races, so that training and mental focus is not wasted.

Of course, there is no guarantee that the smaller events won’t also be cancelled. But choosing some targets in June or July, and being able to adjust if necessary, teaches resilience and adaptability, which is a positive mental approach for all of us to remember.

Switch your training focus

As runners and triathletes, many of us are probably guilty of slacking off our strength training, despite the fact that it should be a pillar of our training.

If your event has been cancelled or looks like it will be, focus instead on a strength move that you’ve always wanted to accomplish but have never had the time to work on. It could be a push up or pull up, spider push up or even handstand push ups. Now is the perfect time to set it as a goal and work on it.

Alternatively, if you’re injured or know that you are physically unbalanced in some way, use this time to focus on building stability.

We have streamed video online courses from physiotherapists on the platform, including Rehab and Return to Running for ITBS, just reduced to £24.99.

Go virtual

If you’re an experienced triathlete, you are probably already using a turbo trainer with Zwift, or TrainerRoad. For runners out there who haven’t tried this form of training, it is a great way of staying super fit and strong, (although it does come with a price tag as you need a turbo).

Alternatively, there are lots of online workouts available on YouTube channels and our own platform, including two week Holiday Hiit and more aimed at running and triathlon.

And during the COVID-19 crisis, join us every Wednesday from 18th March 2020, 6.30am for Girls Run the World Tri and Run Hiit Live. A a 15 minute live virtual workout on our Facebook page., it will require no equipment, just you and a willingness to workout.

Like our Facebook page and join us every Wednesday. The workouts will be short and aimed at strength, mobility and aerobic workouts for runners and triathletes with no need for equipment.

Keep your perspective

Balance is key in life, in mind, body and spirit. If are totally broken and distraught at the thought that the UK may go into lockdown and you might not be able to run, reflect on this.

Nothing that is so all-encompassing is a healthy headspace to be in. If you’ve been training hard for a big endurance event like a marathon or a 70.3/Ironman, of course it is difficult and disappointing if your event is cancelled. But it is one event in your life.

Try doing some yoga, which works in your parasympathetic nervous system. This combats cortisol release (your fight or flight response) and in turn, helps boost your immune system. We have a 14 Day Yoga for Rigid Runners programme amongst others.

Keep running and cycling

Until such time as WHO and UK government advice changes, keep getting outside and training on your feet or on the bike. Remember that longer endurance training of over 90 minutes can lower your immune system. So, think about switching to a shorter distance or ensure you stay well hydrated and eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables to keep healthy.