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red bull timelaps

The Virtual Red Bull Timelaps

With our global online community of women in endurance sport, there will always be someone to motivate and inspire you to train or even race with. As these four strangers discovered when they signed up to the Girls Run the World team taking on a virtual relay cycle ride over 25 hours The RedBull TimeLaps Challenge What is it? A virtual team relay cycle ride, with one rider of each team allowed to cycle at any one time. The goal was to accumulate as much distance as possible in 25 hours. The ride could be done on a turbo or outdoors.

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How to keep strong and motivated during Covid-19

With events being cancelled and talk of gym closures, it can be easy to lose perspective. Here’s our guide to staying strong, mentally and physically with online training options during the coming weeks and months of uncertainty Change your target event From London to Paris, Manchester to Madrid, the big name road races have all been cancelled, along with many Ironman 70.3 races. We’re sure more will follow suit, but that doesn’t mean you have to panic. We all like to have goals to keep ourselves motivated, and we’ve been working hard with our remote clients across the UK and

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3 reasons why you should use a kettlebell if you’re a female runner/triathlete

Nowadays, most female runners and triathletes understand the importance of strength training.  When it comes to kettlebells though, many baulk, anxious about it’s look, the movement pattern and potential impact on the back, along with not quite knowing what to do with it. But put that all to one side, because the kettlebell is the best bit of kit for women training for endurance running and triathlon, not just for the huge benefits it brings but for the fact that it saves SO much time.  In brief, a proper swing involves holding the kettlebell by its handle in both hands

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Launching #grtwproject26.2

Have you got a Spring marathon lined up next year? Read on to find out how to you could WIN our silver service training package worth £480 for  as part of #grtwproject26.2 2019…   Signing up for a marathon is exciting, whether it’s your first or your fiftieth time of running 26.2 miles. But juggling training, family, relationship, work and lifestyle commitments can derail even the most enthusiastic and committed runner amongst us. Which is why we have created our one to one virtual silver coaching package, which provides you with personalised training plans written for YOU by one of our team

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How was your weekend running?

This weekend saw the second up in the weekend series of marathons with the Brighton marathon taking part in the HQ city of Girls Run the World. Were you there?   This weekend is a big one in the Brighton running calendar because of the Brighton Marathon. It’s now in it’s ninth year (expect something special next year for the 10th anniversary) and it has grown in popularity year on year, partly due to it’s proximity to London and the fact that it’s a draw for those who don’t get a London place. Add to that the fact that there

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Girls Run the World Guide to…Strava

The list of running apps is endless but we champion the use of Strava. With its talk of leaderboards and course records, it may seem too competitive to some but it’s great for motivation and being part of a virtual community Strava is super easy to use, open the app, tap the big record button, and off you go. When you finish, stop, press save and hey presto, you get a little outline of your route and it has recorded your data. So far, so like every other app but it is in the way that the data is presented which is the real

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