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How does your nutritional demands change as you enter midlife? And how necessary are supplements to support your training and performance or is it all just marketing hype? PROTEIN IS YOUR POWER SOURCE 40+ women need more protein to achieve the same training adaptations and to maintain healthy muscle mass. Aim for around 30 grams of protein per meal with an emphasis on foods rich in the amino acid leucine (essential in the building of muscle). Good sources include lean meat and fish, legumes, seeds, nuts, leafy green vegetables and eggs. Ideally, you should try to consume protein within 30

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Feeling constantly tired, aching more and slow? If you are in your forties, it could all be due to perimenopause and you CAN do things to improve how you feel and perform Perimenopause is the chapter in all women’s lives where production of oestrogen begins to fall, creating imbalance with progesterone and testosterone. Usually beginning in your forties, it can last for up to ten years before you hit the menopause. Menopause is the term given to the one day after you have not had a bleed for 12 months. If it was all just a case of hormones, we’d

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Recovery Breakfasts For Midlife Female Endurance Athletes

You’ve nailed your long run or ride and are confident you’re one step closer to your race performance goal right? Not so fast. To maximise the training benefits pay attention to what you eat afterwards particularly if you’re a midlife woman So what should I eat? The three key components to think about are carbs, protein and fluids. Carbohydrates are vital in replenishing glycogen stores that will have become depleted during your run or ride Protein helps to repair micro tears and builds muscle Fluids and additional electrolytes will restore minerals lost through sweat and support rehydration Scientific advice often

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