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News Release: Girls Run the World V Ultra Alps 2020: Increasing diversity on the trails with Salomon

In August, Girls Run the World kick off their month long trail running challenge in association with Salomon Running to help increase women’s participation in trail and ultra running and boost diversity While more women are running than ever, participation in trail running lags behind. Worry about getting lost, safety, and even not realising that running on trails is an option are just some of the many reasons. At the 2019 Ultra Trail de Mont Blanc for instance, 11% of the 2200 runners were women. And when it comes to the numbers of women of colour, the figures are practically

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Poor recovery strategies could sap your will power?

Countless studies have suggested that the harder we train without sufficient recovery, the more it saps our will power, leading to us choosing immediate reward rather than delaying it. A recent study published by French researchers in the the journal, Biology Letters studied 37 serious triathletes, half of whom increased their training load by 40 percent for a three-week period. At the end of this, they completed a series of decision-making tasks in a brain scanner. The overtrained athletes all chose immediate rewards – for instance £10 now rather than £50 in six months. ‘What does this have to do

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WIN! Welcome to our Queens of Speed giveaways

Fancy getting your hands on some of these fab prizes? Read on to find out how you could win some Girls Run the World booty, including a goodie bag of Pukka Herb products or our top prize, the Hoka One One Mach 2 road shoe, which hits the streets in March** The Hoka One One Mach 2 launches in the UK this March and is perfect for road running, being both responsive and cushioned so that it absorbs the impact without sacrificing the ‘feel’ of the road to help you maintain your pace. It’s a low weight shoe and has an

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