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GRTW Runderlust – this weekend’s bucket list races

Exploring the world and the people who live in it through running is a great way to travel. Here’s our pick of this weekend’s inspirational destinations Valencia Marathon There are few places where you can enjoy amazing food, a great city to explore, great weather and a PB worthy course as Valencia. We are big fans of this Spanish city with incredible restaurants and trendy cafes in the funky neighbourhood of Rusafa, as a running destination. In 2020, we will be again taking a trip there and running a special Project Marathon training group for this winter race (view our

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Ten Tips to Having your own run packing adventure

While we love the structure of training for a goal, sometimes adding a spoonful of adventure can create a magical experience¬† Nowadays, run-packing – self-supported running adventures where you carry your own pack and sleep wherever you get to – are no longer the sole preserve of amazing adventuresses like Anna McNuff. Whether you’re a mum with young kids eager to reclaim your pre-kid identity and have an adventure, an urban runner who wants to escape the city without it costing the earth, or simply someone who has trained for something big and is looking for something unstructured and fun,

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