Lessons we learn when running

Lacking motivation without a confirmed race? Here, Erika Snyder, 36, yoga teacher and mum of three from Washington, US, explains how a switch in mindset during her first ultra marathon helped her to let go Why do I run? Why do any of us run? It’s a question that my coach, Danielle, often asks me. ‘What is your why?’ Like most of us, my answers used to range depending on the day. Some days, it’s to escape the house, other times, a quest for fitness, or simply a chance to slow down and take time out from the relentless pace

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The simple joy of running

In October 2019, Louise Read, 37 a lawyer and mum of two, almost died after suffering a stroke. This is the third of her blogs detailing her return back to running strong as she trains for the London Marathon Last night, my resting heart rate was 42. Since I’ve been at work, it’s tripled – and it’s only 10.15am. The joys of being a litigation lawyer. I think I need a cup of tea. To add to my stress levels, my husband has just texted me to say that the gift I left UNDER HIS LUNCHBOX to post for my

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I ran 1.35 when last year I couldn’t walk

Last year, mum of two, Louise Read, 37, a lawyer from Notts couldn’t walk. This month she ran 1.35 for a half marathon as she details her return to health – and juggling duty exclusively for GRTW I write this at work during my lunch break, whilst trying to scoff a vegan Christmas sandwich having returned from a rushed trip into town to get the kids Christmas jumpers for school. ON top of the fact, I was up at 5.50am to squeeze in a 30 minute run for my marathon training before leaving for work at 7.30am. And because today

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