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5 Ways to Build Bulletproof Good Habits

When it comes to embracing a life of healthy habits, forget willpower or having to ‘stick’ to anything. It’s all about finding your why…and rigging your environment! Discover your trigger, behaviour and reward Figure out these three things, and then set your home or work space up, so that your trigger is always visible if it is a positive thing, or hidden if it’s for negative behaviour such as eating lots of biscuits in the afternoon. For instance, when it comes to running, or working out regularly, your trigger could be a training plan pasted to your fridge door, or

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Come together as one and run for the world

We’re growing a forest #grtwrunuary 2020

Join our worldwide running campaign, Girls Run the World Runuary 2020 and help us inspire women to get moving and reforest the earth with our donation of one tree for every entry to support our charity partner, Treesisters We are really excited to announce that for our Runuary 2020 campaign, we are partnering with the amazing Treesisters. The charity raises funds which go towards reforestation projects and educating empowering women in on leadership roles . Their goal of empowering women and creating networks is also at the heart of what we do at Girls Run the World. Everything from our

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How to stay motivated to run

Whatever your goal, to complete GRTW Runuary, to train for a marathon to reach your first 5km, read these tips from these four inspiring, every day female runners who took part in GRTW Runnual – to run every day of the year – in 2017…   Hildi Mitchell, 47, teacher  Why did you decide to do it?  It was New Year’s Day when my friend, Emma told me about Girls Run the World Runuary 2017. I’d been ill all holiday and was feeling despondent but she persuaded me that it would be a great way to get back to running

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