Training Plans

Customised Training Plans

Pull a training plan off the internet and 99% of the time, you won't stick to it. Either the mileage is too high or too little, it's too easy or too hard, or it is simply unrealistic in terms of what you can fit in while also working and/or looking after the family.

Our personalised training plans are different.

  • Specific to your goals

A detailed questionnaire provides us not just with the goal you want to achieve, but your running history, and life commitments to ensure that the training plan we deliver is realistic while also challenging tenough to ensure you reach your goals. 

  • Simple to follow 

Viewable on laptop or mobile, you will be able to view the details of every session, including pace guidance, strength and mobility sessions, and even email reminders of the training sessions that you have got coming up. 

  • Accountable

Miss a session and the training on your plan will turn red, keep to it and it turns green. This helps to keep you accountable. And you can write notes after each session, maintaining a great training diary to help you prepare and plan your race day. 


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What they look like


Personalised Running Plans

£150 (maximum 16 weeks) 00, 12 weeks half marathon

Ultra marathons – please contact us for pricing.

Personalised Triathlon Training Plans

£100, 12 weeks Sprint or Olympic

£160, 16 weeks Olympic

£200, 20 weeks Half Ironman