Girls Run the World Runuary

“Our mission is to empower women around the world through running”



Join women of the world this January in running every day to see if our combined total distance can virtually circle the globe.

For every event registration, we will plant one tree with the help of our event charity partner TREESISTERS.

Girls Run the World RUNUARY, doing good for you, women around the world and the planet. 

Whether you are a beginner or a regular runner, #GRTWRunuary is suitable for YOU. There are no prizes for how fast you are or how far you run, 100 metres or 10km, it doesn't matter. Simply get moving every day from January 1st to 31st.

We invite you to share your journey on social media using our unique hashtag #GRTWRunuary to help inspire others and stay motivated.  

At the end of the challenge, we will combine the collective total of all those taking part to see how far around the world we have run. 

Having the support of others will help us power through January positively, sharing the running journey and the trials and tribulations, sunrises and snow from all over the globe.

We'll all be in it together, good runs, bad runs, heck-it-was-hard-to-get-out-there-runs!

Event registrations include a finishers limited edition GRTW Runuary t-shirt except specificed otherwise*.

(Please read our Runuary rules here).

*Additional customs may apply for entries in the US.



Runuary will support Treesisters during 2020 Runuary

Our mission

We created #grtwrununary, to help inspire more women to get active, fit, strong and feel empowered through the magic of running. Our dream is that for each woman who takes part, another woman or girl might be inspired to start running too. 

Since 2017, we've helped over 2500 women get fitter during January. 

Our mission is to continue this movement and help to redress the gender imbalance between levels of activity around the world, while empowering and growing a network of female runners worldwide.

For every woman that reaches January 31st, having run every day, it leaves a feeling of achievement, that has a lasting effect on more than just fitness. 

Ready to sign up?


What does Runuary involve?

It's simple.

Commit to running every day from 1st - 31st January and record it via Strava to track your overall distance. It can be as little as 100m, one kilometre, 5k, whatever works. 

Your event registration will fund the planting of one tree. Should you wish to plant more trees, you can ask for donations and help us grow the Girls Run the World Forest with Treesisters

The most important thing is to get moving, stay consistent and share your journey with our hashtag #GRTWRunuary to help inspire and encourage others.

So, lets get running and do good for our body and mind while doing good for the planet. 

Our January 2020 Runuary T-shirt Design (please note t-shirt style and colour may vary)


'It’s one of the highlights of my year, and boosts my fitness and confidence.'

'It improves my stamina and strength, and I can see the improvements, from distance to speed, with my parkrun time improving by 2 or 3 minutes every week.

January is no longer a long dark month now, it’s a vibrant, exciting and challenging time! Justine Connonlly, 45, Nottinghamshire 

'I've improved my fitness and lost weight'

Runuary has done far more than this, I feel happier, more confident and better placed to handle all that life might throw my way.'  Linda McIntyre

'I now feel more motivated'

'I realise that I can run more often and further than I ever thought possible. Three kilometres seemed a long way at the start of January and I've now just run 10km. I've even started a half marathon training programme I feel so inspired!!, Sarah

'It’s proved that I can fit a run into even my busiest days.'

I used to think only running a little wasn't worth it. Now, I've proved that it still helps improvement. I even got a new 5k pb.' Nicky Jarvis

'I've got my running mojo back.'

'Runuary forced me to find time in the day for myself & reminds me how important it is to do that. Instead of catching up for coffee & cake with my sister we were running outside getting fitter.' Nicole Sullivan, Australia

'Runuary has turned my life around!' 

I clocked up close to 100 miles (compared to 1 or 2.5kms per week ), and I feel physically and mentally healthier than I have in years. It even gave me the confidence to sign up for the Stafford half marathon. Never in a million years did I think I would achieve all that in a month. I feel on top of the world in every sense of the word and I am determined to maintain this level of physical and mental well being. Maria Kershaw

'Runuary has taught me that getting older is not a slippery slope.'

'I took part in Girls Run the World runnuary in 2017 after being someone who only ran/trained once a year. I now run 2-3 times a week and 12years on from my first 1/2 marathon I have completed my third and have knocked 17mins off my time! Alexandra Moore

'It's so motivating.' 

'Runuary made me realise that everyone finds it hard to get out the door when they are busy with work, family or feeling tired. But where there is a will there is a way. As each woman reported back on their run it built up a real buzz about our love for running and seeing so many windswept smiling faces of women enjoying themselves along the way was so motivating. Rain or shine, everyone kept running.' Kaz Thompson

'I'm stronger and happier.'

'Runuary has been a revelation, helping me to focus on process over goal (running every day regardless of speed or distance) and it’s made me stronger and happier. Sharing daily stories online with other runners – moments of triumph or sheer bloody-mindedness, fast or slow runs, new or experienced runners – has built a bond between us that will last well beyond the month.' Laura Marshall



Runuary FAQS

We want to make the GRTWRunuary experience as simple as possible. But there are a few niggly little admin things that we need you to do and (some) of them enhance the experience. Honest!

Here's what you need to do throughout GRTWRunuary2020.

1. Join our Strava club and track your runs to collate your monthly distance. We need this so we can add it to our combined Girls Run the World total at the end. 

2. Share your journey on social media using our unique hashtag, #GRTWRunuary. Your profile should be public. This helps inspire the rest of the GRTWRunuary community and vice versa. You only have to choose ONE of the following:

  • Strava and title your workout, #GRTWRunuary
  • Twitter, using the same hashtag and tagging us @grtwuk
  • On Instagram, using the hashtag and tag us, @g_r_t_w
  • On your Facebook using our hastag and tagging our page

3. Verify distance of the challenge by February 7th 2020 by filling out our Final Completion Form

What happens next?

We will send out your exclusive GRTW Runuary t-shirt as soon as registrations close. This takes some time, especially for regisrations outside the UK. Our aim is to get it completed by March 1st. Additional postage will be charged required for ALL entries outside the UK, unless you registered using our country specific pricing. 

Customs duties

Please note, we have no control over the potential costs of customs by the US. You may be asked to pay additional duties for delivery. 


Can I record my distance on my Fitbit or other device?

No, we will only accept collate totals using Strava. 

How far do I have to run?

There is no minimum distance, as long as you get out and run.

Can I walk?

This is a running challenge designed to invite you outside of your comfort zone for life transformative expeiences. 

Can I miss a day? 

No, every little counts!.

If the weather is awful can I run on a treadmil?

Yes, as long as you record the run on Strava.

What if I am injured?

We will be providing advice and tips throughout the challenge. It is your responsibility to stay to the volume and intensity suitable for your running level. 

Can children take part? We LOVE inspiring the younger generation, so if you wish to run with your child, that's great but it is at your own responsibility although we can't take separte entries for them due to the use of social media.

Should they take part and you would like them to have a t-shirt in their size for particpation, please email our office with regards to pricing.

Why did I not receive a t-shirt?

For global registrations, we did offer an online programme price only, not including the t-shirt. If you chose this option it did not include a t-shirt.