Terms & Conditions Virtual Events


I am over 18 and by completing an entry to a race, virtual or otherwise I certify that I have read and accept the terms and conditions. If there are under 18s taking part (only on designated virutal events where it is clearly specificed that they can do so) I certify that I am the parent/guardian and I give my consent for them to participate in Girls Run the World Events.

Terms and conditions


 By registering for a Girls Run the World virtual event, participants declare there are no medical reasons they could not take part and they are physically fit and capable of completing their nominated distance.

The maximum distances permitted for age groups are in accordance with UKA rule 140 section 3.

Age:                                        Maximum distance:

Under 13                                5,000m

13-15                                       6,000m

15                                            10,000m

16                                            15,000m

17                                            25,000m

18+                                          Marathon (42,200m)

As such, any runners under 18 may only participate as a part of a team and covering the maximum distances outlined above.

  1.  Entry is non-transferrable and refunds are not available unless the event is cancelled by the organisers.
  2. Girls Run the World events are virtual events and as such, the organisers will not be on hand on the day to offer marshalling, medical assistance or tracking and timing solutions unless otherwise specificed.
  3.  As such, participants agree to waive any liability against the organisers/sponsors and volunteers for any injury, illness, loss or damage as a result of participation.
  4. Participants acknowledge they are taking part in Girls Run the World virtual events at their own risk and should take suitable precautions with regards to personal health and safety.
  5. By registering for Girls Run the World virtual events, participants agree to royalty-free use of their results, name, images (including video) and comments in future publicity.
  6. Girls Run the World and the charities it supports accept no responsibility for any accidents or injuries sustained whilst taking part in a Girls Run the World virtual event.
  7. By entering a Girls Run the World event, you are accepting that Girls Run the World will contact you to confirm your entry and keep you updated on the progress of your order. Per our Privacy Policy, you have the option of being added to the Girls Run the World mailing list to receive updates on future events, offers and news. You can unsubscribe from the Girls Run the World mailing list at any time.
  8. After completing your virtual race, you must upload proof run details photo (or multiple photos if you break the event down into several goes) to your event entry in your account, unless your Strava is synched and this does this automatically Without proof photo(s) you will not have completed your virtual race and  can not be considered for prizes.
  9. Unless stated otherwise, all events support a chosen charity but are not official events of that charity.
  10. Any prizes available through GRTW are open to female participants only.