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GRTW Ethiopia, November 9-16th 2020

GIRLS RUN THE WORLD ETHIOPIA, incorporating The Great Ethiopia Run, 10km November 9-16th 2020

Immerse yourself in the landscape, routines, culture and food of the country that has produced generations of Olympic running champions. This trip is a must-do for any woman who loves to explore the world through running. 

You will run through the eucalyptus forest trails high above Addis Ababa where Haile Gellbraises once trained, and stay at YaYa village where you'll tread in the same footsteps of international athletes who utilise the high altitude for great training effect. But don't worry, as long as you can run, this trip is for you.

We'll have local guides to take us running in the local area as well as a day trip to explore the stunning countryside of Ethiopia. 

We will then spend the final few days in the city over race weekend where you’ll get to enjoy a meal at a traditional Ethiopian restaurant, visit local markets with a guide, explore the local coffee scene and maybe even meet Haile himself.  A once in a lifetime experience.

Prices will go live in November 2019. Register for priority booking here which will give you 24 hour advance booking notice. Only 14 spaces available. 

Chamonix Yoga and Trail, September 26-Oct 3 2020

Coming soon 


‘I signed up for the GRTW Palma trip because I thought it was a great challenge to do my first half marathon and make a weekend of it. The trip itself was amazing, we had a beautiful hotel, went to lovely restaurants as a group and had time and space to do our own thing. Smaller groups went out on different trips and at times we’d all bump into each other, or give each the run down of top tips we’d experienced in case anyone else fancied doing the same thing. Other times we all just sunbathed or drank cocktails. It was fab! Standing in the sun with our medals, beers and bananas after the race with all the girls and their smiley faces was one of the best moments!’
Lyndsey Clay

'The evening celebratory meal just topped it off, we had an amazing room in a historic restaurant all to ourselves, drank too much wine and nattered all evening about our race experiences. Everyone was so supportive, and we were all super proud of each other. I absolutely loved it!'

‘Great organisation and the general information on where to go, what to do and see was excellent. I came to Lake Garda feeling very relaxed, always good on your first international race/weekend away on your own.’

‘GRTW trips are a must, not only to say that you have participated in an international race but  you get to know some amazing women. And aside from the running side of things, you get to experience great food, drink, locations and sporting activities. I am already looking forward to the next one!’

‘If you’re wondering whether to go, just do it! You will have so much fun, sightsee somewhere new whilst running, meet and be inspired by like minded ladies and get a break from the old routine and do something different that you’ll always remember.