How does it work?

We know what it's like, you're trying to juggle kids or work (or both), whilst training for an event and it just feels stressful. Add illness or a holiday into the equation and there goes your training, right?

GRTW online 1-2-1 coaching provides the support and expertise, helping you to feel calm and confident. Our coaches are excellent qualified female athletes who also understand life, not just running and triathlon.  

  • An initial chat by phone helps us to get to know each other and identify your goals and the right GRTW coach for you. 
  • You then fill out one of our online questionnaires, which gives us an insight into your goals and running experience.
  • Your chosen coach will then deliver your training plan in fortnightly blocks, delivered via our partner software, Training Peaks (see image below).
  • Each session will give distance/time and pace/perceived effort.
  • Plus, it includes strength, stabilty and yoga, all with video demonstrations. 
  • Plus, nutrition and mindset guidance.
  • And finally, we chat via email on a weekly basis so that you stay connected and feel supported. 

We are not just for those seeking personal bests, but all women who want to enjoy their training journey. 


  • Time Saving no more having to spend time thinking what to do, when or how; the right session is clearly delivered, all you have to do it is follow it.
  • Improves performance by setting the correct training to get results.
  • Prevents injury by insuring you spend time recovering.
  • Accountability as your coaching partner, we'll be there to ensure you complete your sessions or we adjust them if you can't.
  • Boost your confidence with well structured training plans, you will get results. 
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Book in for a free chat

Want to book in for a chat to find out more? Email us with your contact details and we will arrange a time to chat. 


12 months: £828 (£69 pcm)

6 months: £450 (£75pcm)

Marathon Coaching 4 month block: £340 (£85 pcm) 

3 months: £270 (£90 pcm)

Recurring monthly* min two months: £100 per 4 weeks

(* a one off £50 set up fee is payable on recurring monthly packages). 

For payment terms and conditions click here