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Why you need a strong core for running & triathlon

Forget just adding volume to improve your running, the key to injury-free improved performance lies in your core which is even more important if you’re a mum or hitting your forties  When it comes to the core,  most people still tend to assume that these are the tummy muscles that make you look good – the six pack on men and those Instagram-worthy abs that you see on female fitness influencers. But this is not your core. Core muscles relate to the muscles of the trunk, which include the obliques, the back muscles, pelvic floor, the TVA – all of

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Why strength training can transform your running

If you want to avoid injury, improve your running form and fast track your running progress, the missing ingredient is strength training If you were to ask hundreds of runners – and sport scientists, the single thing that makes the biggest different to improved running, it would be strength training. Imagine a ball that is pumped up and one that is slightly flat; the pumped up one rounds off the floor quickly while the flat one barely leaves the floor.  That’s the difference that a conditioned muscle makes to your running form compared to a running body that has not

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