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Transform your running tech with one simple tip

Want to avoid injury and improve your running speed and efficiency? Just follow this one simple tip… and it has nothing to do with doing speed sessions!  There is so much written on the internet, discussed on long, boring podcasts and ruminated over in research papers and magazines about running technique. But try this one simple tip and it will transform your running. The secret? Run silently Take out your headphones and start tuning into the sound of your feet as they hit the pavement, road or trail. If you can hear them, change it. Stride so quietly and carefully

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Orta San Guilio

GRTW Runderlust – our top travel bucket list races

Of course, the big Daddy of events in terms of marathon and race destinations this weekend is the New York marathon. But these less obvious events are just as incredible, if not more so as amazing places to visit Lake Maggiore Marathon, Half & 10k We’re big fans of events that offer a variety of distances, which means it’s suitable for a big group of different friends taking part. We are also rather partial to any events in destinations where the food is GREAT. The Italian Lakes offer so much, particularly Lake Maggiore, with its stunning little villages that hug

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Knee pain explained – and three ways to train your way out of pain

Knee pain can take many women out of action, from beginners to seasoned female athletes. Here’s what causes it and what you can do to prevent – or recover from it…. All too often, we push through knee pain, pushing it away thinking that it will go away or that the pain is just in our head. But when it turns into a persistent, dull nagging ache, sharp pain or even feels like ground glass under the kneecap, you know that the situation is going to need more than just taking ibuprofen.  Here we explain the mechanisms behind knee pain and

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3 reasons why you should use a kettlebell if you’re a female runner/triathlete

Nowadays, most female runners and triathletes understand the importance of strength training.  When it comes to kettlebells though, many baulk, anxious about it’s look, the movement pattern and potential impact on the back, along with not quite knowing what to do with it. But put that all to one side, because the kettlebell is the best bit of kit for women training for endurance running and triathlon, not just for the huge benefits it brings but for the fact that it saves SO much time.  In brief, a proper swing involves holding the kettlebell by its handle in both hands

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Brighton and Hove Women’s Running courses Starting w/c 16th April

It’s hard not to be inspired by watching a marathon in your home town. If it’s made you want to start running to get fit, build your distance to improve your endurance, or get faster at Parkrun or 10km, we’ve got a course that is perfect for you in Brighton… (P.S If you don’t live locally, don’t worry our Virtual Training Hub will launch soon, giving you access to all the training sessions you’ll need, whether it’s strength work, pace sessions for 5km or 10km, half marathon or marathon plans and more –  click to pre-register) run Run Fun Fitness,

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