GRTW Recipes for Foodie Runners: Blackeyed Bean and Peanut Burgers

If you want a healthy burger that will nourish your body, then try these. They’re homemade but they take 20 minutes tops if you use a food processor…less than the time it took my partner to cook his beef burger…

One tin of black eyed beans, fresh bird’s eye chilli finely chopped, one whit onion, red pepper, peanuts, salt and pepper and peanuts and cooked quinoa. Whizz in a food processor, then add a tin of sweetcorn. Taste and adjust to your liking. Then ad some olive oil, make into patties and coat in cornmeal (uncooked) and brown in a frying ┬ápan with olive oil. Job done. Delicious!


Let me know what you think!