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Build a strong core for improved, injury-free running

Lift & Lean

30 seconds of each exercise, 10 seconds rest, repeat all the way through. 1 minute rest. Repeat 3×5 times.

Squat jumps (or weighted squats if you have achilles or calf issues)

Mountain climbers

Hip raises (with control) feet on a stair/sofa

Sideways skater jumps alternating legs (curtsey if you have calf issues)

Plank Push ups

Plank Torso Twist Hip touch (see Youtube Core Challenge)

Legs & Core 19 minute workout

This is great for strengthening the core and the legs. Focus on your technique, not on the number of reps.

Repeat this sequence 3 times through. Each exercise should aim for 45 seconds. Rest for 15 seconds between each exercise and 60 seconds between each set.

Squat hold against a wall

Lean on a wall and slide down until your thighs are parallel with the floor, head and shoulders are against the wall. Lift your toes so that you focus all the weight through the heels to engage the gluteals. If you don’t, you will contract the thigh muscles too much and put pressure through the knee. See if you can hold it for 45 seconds!

Backwards lunge walk

Check behind you! Then for 45 seconds, lunge walk backwards, ensuring the front knee stays over the heel not in front of it, and the back leg drops down parallel to the floor.

Curtsy lunge

Ever curtsied? Probably not, but you know how to do it. Know do it, trying to keep torso upright as you crusty and allowing the front leg to come parallel with the floor.  push back up, weight through the front heel and switch side. Try to remain stable. You should feel this in your gluteals if doing correctly.

Lunge Walk forward

The same as the above but walk forward, which you should find easier.

Core Workout

Repeat each for 30 seconds, rest for 15. Repeat all the way through and repeat another two times. You’ll find all these on our Youtube channel. Link above.

Tabletop hold (you’ll find this on our Youtube channel)

Alternate Leg Lifts


Core & Glute 30 minute workout

Do 3 rounds of the following all the way through. 45 seconds for each exercise, 15 seconds rest.

  • Squat
  • Plank-Push Up
  • Glute Bridge
  • Split lunges: jump two small jumps switching legs, then jump into a deep lunge. Jump back into two small jumps switching legs, returning to a deep lunge on the opposite leg.
  • Lateral lunge; Step out sideways, squat and return to centre. Step out the opposite way.

Core Section 3 rounds of 30 seconds, 10 seconds rest (all of these can be found on our Core programme)

  • Dead bug
  • Single leg lift Right
  • Single Leg Lift Left,
  • Frog Sit up
Our Strength for Runners class doing weighted dead bugs



We always advise you to seek the guidance of an expert when undertaking any exercise programme to ensure you are doing the exercises correctly. Doing any of our routines is at your own risk.