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How to pay for our courses and drop ins

To purchase any of our courses or drop in workshops and sessions, you can do this online on our website here.

Booking a full course gets you great value and the promise of the biggest rewards. But if you can’t commit to being at the same place every week, you can book a five class pass, valid for 8 weeks from the date of purchase which you can use against any sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday, not including workshops.

Any questions, please email Isobel in the office at info@girlsruntheworld.co.uk.



Running Workshop: Strength Basics for Running

Class Description: In this 60 minute workshop, we will take you through a complete essential ‘how to’ of strength exercises that will transform your running.

From dynamic kettlebell movements such as the swing, clean and snatch, to the incredible benefits in core strength that you gain from Turkish get ups, you’ll finish the workshop having nailed all these functional movements.  We will also teach you how to use barbells for the squat and deadlift.

This will be a great workout but it will also leave you feeling confident about doing these exercises on your own or at a gym.

We will also be using these movements in our Run Strong, Run Supple 45 minute classes in the following four weeks.

Details:  26th February, 7.45pm-8.45pm, Preston Park Fitness Hub, £15 Coach: Rachael


Run Strong, Run Supple

Class description: Whatever your level as a runner and no matter what distance you are training for, strength and conditioning will improve your running – even if you’re in the midst of marathon training. This 45 minute class combines a mixture of barbell and kettlebells (please attend the Strength Basics for Running, 26th February if possible) for a dynamic, strengthening class. Every class finishes with 10-15 minutes of yoga to release and stretch.

Details: Tuesdays, 5-26th March 7.45pm-8.30pm, Preston Park Fitness Hub

Price options:  £50 for the course

*Class Pass: £65 for five sessions

Coach: Rachael

Smash Your PB

Class Description: Whether you want to get faster over 5 or 10k, half marathon to marathon, join us for this endorphin boosting, fun running session where you will not only learn about running technique, but we will also guarantee that you will get faster – as long as you attend every session of these six !


Wednesday 27th February – 3rd April, sessions are on Hove Seafront and Hove Park

Price: £48 for six weeks

Class Pass: £65 for five classes

Coach: Tara

Improve to 10k

Class Description: If you can already run 5km and would like to increase your distance to 10k, join our 6 week course. All speeds welcome.

Details: Tuesdays 26 Feb – 3 april Preston Park, by the Rotunda

Price: £48

Coach: Amy


Spring is on the way and with it the beauty of the South Downs will be revealed in all its natural glory.  Twice a month, we will guide you on some stunning routes across East to West Sussex. Some will be close to home, while others will aim to take you on an adventure, from the vineyards of Rathfinny to the haunts of the Charleston Literary set ….get ready for a running adventure retreat in just one morning.


Spring Dates

March 10th, 24th

April 7th and 21st

May 5th and 19th


***Class Passes

Terms and Conditions:

The class pass expires within 70 days of purchase date.

They can be used against Tues, Weds and Sunday adventure trail runs. They are not redeemable against any workshops.

The sessions must be booked within an hour of the class time. You may cancel your session yourself using our online service within 24 hours and your session will automatically be added back to your class pass. This is all automated and will not be done by the office.


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Here in Brighton and Hove, we’ve been teaching women how to start running, get fitter, stronger and faster for over nine years.

From their first 5km to half marathons, marathon personal bests and ultra marathons. We are absolute specialists in  women’s running, with specialisations in strength and stability, rehab and gait retraining, yoga for runners as well as specialist training in postnatal and 3rd age fitness for women in their 50s and over.

We offer a range of courses for a variety of levels from our entry level, Run Fun Fitness six week courses to Smash Your PB, Run for the Hills (for trails runners), Adventure Runs, Weekend Trail Running and our highly popular Strength Training for Runners.