Training Plans

Pull a training plan off a website, and 99% of the time you can never stick to it, either because the mileage is too high or too little, it’s too easy, or it’s too hard.

Result? You skip a few sessions, then feel demotivated and your training begins to slip into trying to do the odd thing here and there. Which tends to end in injury or arriving on race day feeling under prepared and unconfident.

Our training plans are different. We have send you a detailed questionnaire to fill in, asking for your goals, running history, lifestyle commitments, days you can run and how long you can run, and we then create a bespoke plan just for you.

We deliver it to you on Training Peaks, a training software app that allows you to be able to look at exactly what your training is on any given day – and even sends you reminders of the training that you’ve got coming up so that you’re in control. (It’s free to use although should you want more functionality you will have to upgrade to a paid account).

Training plans price
£100 12 weeks

£150 16 weeks

£200 20 weeks

Please contact us for ultra plans.