Virtual Coaching

Girls Run the World was created from a desire to empower female runners and triathletes. It doesn’t matter what level you are, if you have a race goal that you’re set on, our mentoring with in-depth training plan support will help you achieve progress.

How it works?

An initial coaching consultation by phone or email will allow us to identify your goals and also, what else is important in your life so that we can create a holistic plan that helps inspire and motivate you, rather than leaving you stressed and exhausted.

It may also include strength and conditioning workouts (with video technique advice from our GRTW training library) yoga sessions and more, where appropriate.

It means that you don’t have to worry about which training plan to follow, or even, how to adjust the plan if you get injured or are busy with work/home/life in general and you slip off the training wagon. We are there to keep you on track and help you to reach your target.

Support and advice 

A well designed holistic training plan that takes into account the daily juggle of life, family and running is just a tiny part of being coached. The most important part is the relationship between you and your coach. Our aim is to empower you through the feedback you get after your workouts and training runs.

As a Girls Run the World athlete, you get access to your coach through phone, or email.

As female runners and triathletes ourselves with a combined experience of over 15 years coaching women, we can adjust your training according to the reality of what it’s like to juggle running, family, relationships and career. Sometimes, looking after kids, work or holidays get in the way and that’s where our mentoring really works – we understand your life and what’s going on, not just running and triathlon.

The training plan

Your training plan will be delivered direct to your personal Trainingpeaks account. A simple software platform, you’ll be able to see your training plan directly on your phone with all the details of every session which allows your GRTW coach to track and chart your progress.

Each training plan will specify intensity or pace, – or whatever types of format work for you that you can understand. It will also include details of warm ups, cool downs, pace, strength and conditioning workouts, yoga, and rehab – we even remind you when to get a massage. No more wasted time trying to figure out what to do.

Who we are?ur coaches are Rachael, the founder of GRTW, head coach, Tara Shanahan, and ultra coaches include Sarah Sawyer.


Between us, we have over 30 years experience of coaching female runners from beginners through to seasoned runners aiming for sub 3 hour 10 minute marathon times.

If you’re serious about progressing your running and maintaining your motivation, you need guidance from coaches with a proven track record who not only understand training and physiology but the juggle that goes into running and living well.

Having a Girls Run the World coach means that all the worry about when you should run, how far or how fast/slow is handled for you. We tell you what to do and help you stick to your training by holding you to account, while also being there to advise and support you when you are having doubts or struggling with your training.

Personalised to your running experience and lifestyle, we will help you achieve your goals.

Virtual Coaching

Detailed training plan, updated bi-monthly

Progress reviewed weekly by coach

Four emails per month

Access to our Members Only Facebook Training Hub

12 months: £950

6 months: £500

3 months: £275

Monthly: £100 per 4 weeks*

Other Training Plans

We also offer personalised training plans that are delivered in one block, without the ongoing mentoring. For further details, please click here.


*Plus £65 set up fee.

** All plans include an initial start up interview / consultation by phone/Skype/email (as best suits the athlete), goal planning, and individualised training plan tailored to your needs.

***Monthly billing occurs on 1st month, giving 12 billings per year for 13 blocks of 4 weeks, giving each athlete 4 weeks unstructured recovery time at the end of each season. Minimum 3 month commitment.

**** 12 month / 6 month / 4 mont block to be paid in full at beginning of coaching period.

**** You will need to sign up to Training Peaks and you will need a Garmin watch that will synch with TP. A basic account should suffice.