Virtual Coaching

We offer one to one  mentoring to help you achieve your goal at the races that really matter to you. Whether it is getting a personal best at a 10km, or achieving your dream marathon personal best.

It means that you don’t have to worry about which training plan to follow, or even, how to adjust the plan if you get injured or are busy with work/home/life in general and you slip off the training wagon. We constantly assess your training and adjust on a weekly basis if we feel that this is needed, in order to help you reach your target.

First, we discuss your goals via telephone/Skype/email, including which days/times you prefer to train, how many sessions per week you want to train, any previous injury issues, running experience and nutrition. We then devise a training plan which we will deliver via email in two or four week blocks. It includes strength and conditioning sessions, yoga and even reminders to have a massage!

We keep an eye on your running via Strava and check in with you weekly, adjusting your plan as and when it is required, according not to just HOW your running is going, but what else is going on in your life. Sometimes, looking after kids, work or holidays get in the way and that’s where our mentoring really works – we understand your life and what’s going on, not just your running.

Our mentoring coaches are Rachael, the founder of GRTW or head coach, Tara Shanahan. Between us, we have over ten years experience of coaching female runners from beginners right through to seasoned runners aiming for sub 3 hour 15 marathon times. Both coaches have competed at county/club level and have run over 20 marathons between them from London to Paris, Mumbai to Istanbul.

Having a mentor means that all the worry about when you should run, how far or how fast/slow is handled for you. We tell you what to do and help you stick to your training by holding you to account, while also being there to advise and support you when you are having doubts or struggling with your training.

Personalised to your running experience and lifestyle, we will help you achieve your goals.

What you get

Personalised training plan delivered on a two or four week basis, geared towards your current position and your goal. This will be adjusted as and when is needed according to assessment of your training.

Email contact/feedback (individual) on a weekly basis.

Tracking of your training via

You will need

To have a training watch that records your pace/time and to connect this to Strava. We can help you do this.


£100 per month* (minimum of 3 months for marathon training**) or £270 up front.***

Alternatively, we can write a one-off customised 12 week plan for £60. This does not include any ongoing support.



*Payment is due on a monthly basis. If your marathon is mid-month you would still pay for the entire month as we cover post race running.

** For beginners/newbies to running marathons, we advise a 16 week plan as minimum to include four weeks of strength training.

***Runners based in Brighton can access our Weds night courses complimentary when doing our mentoring service.