Girls Run the World Runuary™ 2019




Now in its third year, join us this January for our global fitness challenge to help you get your running off on the right foot in 2019…

AND introducing our new PREMIUM challenge, GRTW North Vs South Queens of Speed


If you are looking to start running, return to it, or simply want to get fit, join our worldwide virtual community in running every day in January with our renowned #grtwrunuary starting January 1st 2019.

We ask you to run every day, which can be as little as 100 metres, and to share your journey to help inspire and encourage others.

This is what you will need to do:

  • Run every day, even if it’s just 100 metres. The only thing we insist is that it must be a run, not a walk, hike or part of another exercise class.
  • Record it on Strava, including in the title (not comments) #grtwrunuary
  •  Gain support and motivation from the rest of our worldwide community by sharing your runs on Instagram OR Twitter using the hashtag, #grtwrunuary

What you will get

  • Improved fitness, transformed running and a boost in mental well being to get you through January (read our testimonials below)
  • Support, motivation and inspiration from other female runners around the world in our FREE coaching Facebook group
  • Our exclusive Runuary 2019 running top (upon successful completion of the challenge and compliance to T&Cs)

Price: £24.99 (plus processing fee)


GRTW Runuary Queens Of Speed challenge

The race is on, North vs South…

Join your virtual tribe and take on the challenge to see which region will be crowned the fastest female region, the North or South*.

This is designed for women who can run a minimum of 5km and who want to gets stronger and faster.

This challenge works exactly the same as Runuary, except we will provide you with eight training sessions over the month – two per week, based on our Smash Your PB coaching plans, guaranteed to make you faster over 5km. These must be completed and tagged on Strava as #grtwqueensofspeed in the title.

You have to run a minimum of four times per week for Queens of Speed, including our training set which are suitable for ALL levels.

Then on Saturday 26th, 2019** you will ‘race’ as part of your virtual tribe at a Parkrun of your choice. From the combined results of all those who race for the north, and all those who race for the south, we will crown one region the ultimate Queen’s of Speed.

*You can declare which region you want to run. North is north east, north west, Midlands, Scotland and the South is London, South East, South West and East Anglia.

**If you can’t do 26th, you do any other park run during January 2019).

What you will get:

  • Eight training sessions, designed to help you improve your speed, delivered via our coaching team on Training Peaks (are to use)
  • Exclusive competitions for Queens of Speed entrants, where prizes include a pair of HokaOneOne running shoes, FlipBelts, running jackets and more.
  • Exclusive access to our Strava GRTW Queen’s of Speed group, where you all be able to see leaderboards and connect with others in your region
  • Premium Girls Run the World Queen’s of Speed running top

Price: £45 (plus processing fee)






Terms and Conditions for both challenges

  • Every session must be a run. It can not be a walk, hike part of an exercise class.
  • It can be any distance, from 100 metres up.
  • All runs must be recorded on Strava. No other tracking app will be accepted (please watch our video on how to set up Strava and listen to our chat about how it works).
  • On successful completion, you have until February 12th 2019 to email us a screen grab of your Strava dashboard showing your monthly activity. (consult our Runuary rules for details of how to do this). If you are part of our premium Queen’s of Speed training group, you will also need to send us a screenshot of your park run time. Please note, links to your accounts will not be accepted.
  • You must add  #grtwrunuary or #grtwqueensofspeed, depending on which challenge you are doing to the title name of your runs within Strava
  • Entry to Queen of Speed will entitle you to the Queen’s Of Speed t-shirt, not the Runuary one as well.
  • Runuary entrants will only receive the t-shirt on successful completion of the challenge and if all T&Cs have been followed.
  • Any admissions that do not follow this terms will no be accepted.
  • No admissions will be accepted after 12th February 2019.

Runuary rules here


Girls Run the World is founded by Rachael Woolston, a running, strength & conditioning and yoga coach with ten years experience, along with Dawn Buoys, a registered physiotherapist.

We are not a club but a coaching platform and community providing online courses in running, triathlon, yoga, strength and conditioning, injury prevention and injury treatment.

Our running challenges are aimed at helping you to fit training into your day, no matter your fitness level or how busy you are with work and family. And our mission is to give you the confidence to believe in your ability to get fitter, faster and stronger.

We hope that it Runuary 2019 will help to inspire, support and motivate, as well as encourage you to meet others within the GRTW community. Because, when it is raining/snowing/blowing a gale in bleak January, having someone to run or train with makes it easier. #bettertogether.

Although we’ll all be in it together, sharing our journey of the good runs, bad runs, heck-it-was-hard-to-get-out-there-runs, you’ll have the virtual community of Girls Run the World sharing the journey with you.

We welcome EVERYONE to join the GRTW community by liking our Facebook page, joining the FREE version of our coaching community on Facebook or  joining our club on Strava.




‘It’s one of the highlights of my year now! Such a boost to my confidence and fitness at the start of the year. Technically, it changes my running because my stamina and strength increase. I can literally see the improvements quite rapidly over the month, from distance to speed, parkrun times going down by 2 or 3 minutes each week. Overall participation in runuary changed the way I run and how I enjoyed running. I moved from chasing distances and times, always ‘training’ to running each run for pleasure in itself. I always run outside, and it’s so beautiful to look outside. January isn’t a long dark month now, it’s a vibrant, exciting and challenging time! Runuary also makes me less uptight about running. Before runuary I used to sometimes my run because everything wasn’t perfect – hadn’t charged my tracker, or trainers wet, or wrong tights, or the weather was too bad. Now I know I can run even if everything isn’t perfect, I don’t need to have the right leggings (I ran in jeans in 2017 twice), and there’s no weather that is too bad (I’ve run in sub zero, in rain, in hail, in snow and I’ve been exhilarated). I haven’t got enough time to tell you all the benefits I’ve experienced, but I’ve obviously told loads of my friends because loads of them joined me this year and loved it too!!’ Justine Southwell


‘GRTW Runuary has made me a better runner, given me a reason to run on days when I didn’t feel like going out, and increased my fitness levels. It got easier would definitely recommend doing this second year in a row for me can’t wait for next year.’ Lou Clark

‘I’ve improved my fitness, lost weight, and my resting heart rate has dropped from 56 to 49 bpm. But it’s done far more, helping to clear my mind, increased my focus and made me feel more energised.  I feel happier, more confident and better placed to handle all that life might throw my way.‘ Linda McIntyre

‘I now have more motivation and realise that I can run more often and further than I ever thought possible. 3km seemed a long way at the start of January and I’ve now just run 10km and feel great. I’ve booked a 7km night race and a 10km spring race, and have even started a half marathon training programme I feel so inspired!! GRTW Runuary has made me realise that you can fit a short run in and that there is always time in the day to run.’ Sarah

‘It’s proved that I can fit a run into even my busiest days and that even a small amount of running can help you improve. I got a new 5k pb near the end of January and all of my runs are trending faster again.’ Nicky Jarvis

‘I got my run mojo back. It forced me to find time in the day for myself & reminds me how important it is to do that. Instead of catching up for coffee & cake with my sister we were running outside getting fitter.’ Nicole Sullivan

‘I’ve been running on and off for the past5 years but really lost my running mojo last year following some bereavements. I thought GRTW runuary would be a good opportunity to get things back on track and boy did it work! I clocked up close to 100 miles over the month (compared to 1 or 2.5kms per week ), I feel physically and mentally healthier than I have in  years and it’s given me the confidence to sign up for the Stafford half marathon in about 6 weejs time. Never in a million years did I think I would achieve all that in a month. I feel on top of the world in every sense of the word and I am determined to maintain this level of physical and mental well being. Runuary has quite literally turned my life around!’ Maria Kershaw